Mineheart this Christmas

Mineheart has your art inspired gifts sorted this Christmas.

Mineheart was founded by Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia in 2010 as an excuse to make interesting and sometimes crazy things together and travel to exciting places to exhibit their creations, such as Paris, New York, Tokyo and Milan. Having both worked for several years designing products for high street brands including John Lewis, Next Home and BHS they grew frustrated with working to client briefs and longed for creative freedom.

Since the first wallpaper which became a product by accident, the idea behind Mineheart was to create a playground for creativity and adventure, where fantasy meets design, and dreams meet industry.  We try to inject a sense of wonder into everyday objects and the spaces around us, telling stories and creating objects that are far from ordinary, they must be extraordinary in order to meaningfully exist.

Best known for their eccentric art collection but with their portfolio ranging from cushions, clutch bags and large art works Mineheart has a lot to offer this gifting season…

Starting with the 100% vegan and 100% paraffin free luxury candle collection: Precious Classics.

Candles have been a big part of history, since being one of the oldest light sources they have now become a great decorative item within modern households. These rustic decorations are often used as a centre piece on tables and in rooms to induce a calming atmosphere. The Mineheart Precious Classic soy wax candle collection have been infused with the scents of lavender, sandalwood and cashmere – these candles burning in your home are a perfect way to subtly add a wonderful fragrance to your space.

These artistic candle designs are available as a one wick or two wick candle, encased in a complimenting metallic colour scheme the candle designs work well on their own or styled together as table-top decor.

These luxury candles are then packed in a unique embossed gift box with an artistic touch, making these great gifting candles.

“We wanted to create a design wonderland, where everyday objects are more than just functional, they contain stories, love, art and poetry…” – Young & Battaglia

If these arty candles by Mineheart weren’t enough inspiration for the luxury-gift-lover then perhaps the recently launched “wearable art” scarf collections may do the job – these light-weight scarf designs draw upon figurative art and unique patterns and are made from a blend of mulberry silk and modal fabric – modal fabric is a super soft fibre made from beech trees, for a supple and interesting fashion accessory.  Pair these with the recycled PET fabric clutch bags are you are on to a style-winner!

Mineheart strives to support British manufacturing and is constantly looking to reduce the environmental impact of its products and materials used. Mineheart wallpapers are all made in England, printed using minimal low VOC inks (A+ French air quality standards), and for every roll of wallpaper sold Mineheart plants a tree in areas of Africa affected by heavy deforestation. Mineheart launches new collaborations and designs regularly for the art-inspired interiors and lifestyles.