Microcredit for Entrepreneurs

EuropeanLife is, of course, all about luxury, but even more, it is about entrepreneurship all over the world. We have a huge network of entrepreneurs, and we always enjoy events where entrepreneurs show their work, their company and their craftsmanship.

We are already partners with Joya, a jewelry art fair where designers meet and do business, and we are talking to several other luxury events all over Europe.

In my work, I am often confronted with people for whom access to this entrepreneur market is not so evident. Sometimes they don’t live in the right country and don’t get any help, or they don’t have the right tools and the right network possibilities. Or it’s simply because they are women in a country where they don’t have access to a bank or any government information.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful to stimulate entrepreneurship in design and help the next generation to grow and learn? If their mothers can start a good business, the next generation of young people can go to school and get ready for their own futures.

As an ambassador for Microcredit for Mothers and as the publisher of a global magazine, I have seen many designers of beautiful products who could start a good business in luxury if they had the chance.

Economically independent women have more influence on their income, their procreation and their children’s development. Their extra income is also an investment in the next generation and therefore has a multiplier effect on the whole community.

I think it is a great feeling to help these women begin their own business with a small amount of money and help them start their way toward independence. And when they are finally independent, they will pay back the money and we will reserve it for the next entrepreneur so we can help more people reach that level of autonomy.

In this system we are not only helping the next generation get a good education and their mothers to be independent. We are also giving all these entrepreneurs a chance to join the luxury industry and show their beautiful products to the world.

Along with some great leaders in entrepreneurship and luxury, I talk about the possibilities of microcredit, and I am looking for cooperation to do this in the best possible way. It is a great inspiration and makes me very happy.

I think we should stick together to create opportunities and new companies for all our luxury friends around the world!

Isn’t it also a luxury to be able to create possibilities for sharing and enjoying luxury together?

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