Making It Happen!

At EuropeanLife, we always like to help entrepreneurs grow and develop. It is a great way to connect with many interesting people and a great inspiration for me. I am surrounded by successful entrepreneurs, and their energy, creativity and joy is shared with us every day.


But during the last few years, I found out that, because of the amount of entrepreneurship around me, I lose my understanding for people who are stuck in a boring job or in an unhappy situation. They mostly tell me how done they are with the situation and how sad they feel—that every day is a struggle against their own heart. I am always surprised about that attitude of hopelessness and their belief that their working situation has nothing to do with them and the choices they made in their life. My patience with this passive behaviour is very slim, and my understanding fades very quickly.

Listening to all these entrepreneurs at trade fairs getting excited about their product, their design and their company should make you realise that it is up to you to reach your goals. Get inspired by Natalie MacNeil, Richard Branson or Sallie Krawcheck; follow them and you understand that you have to take charge of your own life and enjoy it!

So we try to help young entrepreneurs start their business and hope that our microcredit organisation helps female entrepreneurs take that step and change their situation for a successful life on all levels.

For all the designers we met at the trade fairs, we decided it is time to give them some exposure, to help them get more visibility and get inspired to reach out more on an international level, just to show them that entrepreneurship feels good.

We started the campaign Show the Designer, and we invite them to show their beautiful design to the world to inspire everybody to do the same and follow their heart.

It feels good to give some of our energy, our enthusiasm and our opportunity to all of these people, who need a little encouragement to take their life journey in their own hands and take the next step.

We hope to see you and your design story on our website soon!


Make the world more beautiful!

EuropeanLife has a warm heart for all these designers who are making the world a little bit more beautiful, and that is why we like to show “the best of Europe” to the rest of the world. In our programme “Show the designer” we give these designers an opportunity to present their products and get promoted by EuropeanLife for free.

Just to make the world a little bit more beautiful.