Interview Andrea Velázquez

Who is Andrea Velázquez?
My name is Andrea Velázquez. I am a Spanish jeweller born in 1978 that discovered my passion about this art when I was a young girl whilst looking at my mum’s jewellery. All those pieces woke up my curiosity: the materials used, the intriguing shapes…

I started my professional education at Massana School in Barcelona at 2000 and continued at the Industrial school in the same city.

After graduating, I’ve taken courses on enamelling and on metal casting in Munich. I have also learned the keum-boo technique in Barcelona and familiarised with Berber jewellery working with an Algerian artisan, among other activities.

I worked for some big names in the industry at the beginning of my professional career until I created my brand “Tiny” in 2008, in Barcelona. A few years later, I returned to my hometown, where I have rebuilt my workshop. From León I am creating my new collections and have recently launched my online store.

I am often travelling for business, participating in trade fairs, to promote my brand and meet new clients.


Can you tell us about your collections?
One of my promising business lines is customised / individualised jewellery, in particular wedding bands and engagement rings. This is supported by my 3D design capabilities. For the more standards product lines, I am also increasingly selling and distributing my work through third parties.

All my collections have a common starting point: the identification of an idea that lends a sense of unity to all the pieces, both aesthetically and conceptually. This idea is different from one collection to the other, thus allowing for different names and “personalities” to emerge: Crater, Cube, Hope, Abyss… Each collection is the result of specific, different life circumstances so they all represent, chronologically, my evolution as a jeweller and, more importantly, as a person.


Where is your inspiration coming from?
Inspiration may come from an object, an idea or a technique. The stimulating thing about the creative process is that one knows where it begins, but not where it will arrive at the end!  Whilst it is important to nurture the seminal idea, one must always be attentive to exercise some disciplined thinking, to stay on course and ensure marketable deliverables.

I love to work with metals. Each metal has its own personality and properties. Silver is delicate, Gold is noble, Copper is ductile and Steel is loyal. I often combine them, to create my pieces. I also like to introduce new techniques in my work, as a way to enrich my style and make it evolve and grow.

In relation to shapes, I tend to combine both organic and geometrical forms, in a balanced way.

Respect to materials, attention to detail and superb finishes are at the heart of good jewellery-making and are some of my hallmarks.


How do you see your future?
I would love to continue my training as a professional, to face new challenges. This craft is characterised by continuous learning: staying put means falling behind.
I am looking forward to meeting new people and clients, in particular those that uncover the storytelling behind my collections.

I feel very grateful to those who support me and my art.