INSIDHERLAND at Maison&Objet 2018

INSIDHERLAND is back at the next edition of Maison&Objet in Paris Nord Villepinte, between 19-­‐23th January.
This will be a memorable event that will combine design and creativity with luxury living interiors.
New pieces of INSIDHERLAND collections, Identity and Beyond Memory, will be exclusively released by Creative Director Joana Santos Barbosa at the event, considered the most prestigious decoration event in Europe.

DIMENSIONS ROUND Height. 40cm|15,75’’ Ø. 100cm|39,37’’

ROUND dark emperador marble top and handcrafted base in brushed brass with matt varnish.

Ionic is one of the three orders of classical architecture developed at the ancient Greek temples.
Contrary to the Doric, the oldest order, the columns of Ionic and Corinthian orders were composed by three elements:
base, shaft and capital. As centuries passed by, many of the impressive temples were destroyed or simply collapsed. The remains of Ionic temples with their beautiful surviving columns motivated the creation of the Ionic center tables, each one with tripartite columns missing one of its elements. This approach of anincomplet e Ionic column presents uniquely the non ornamented forms of the base and capital as the missing shaft has been replaced by a modern metal structure that embraces then two separated elements. Countering the construction process of ancient temples, the tapered design allows less contact with the floor, in allusion to what would be the use of free modern forms in the tripartite construction of a classical temple.

COLLECTION Beyond Memory
DIMENSIONS Height. 93cm|36,61’’ Width. 235cm|92,52’’ Depth. 95cm|37,40’’

Upholstery: INSIDHERLAND Smooth Velvet.
Base: wood structure finished in ebony veneer in half gloss varnish.

In northwestern snowy Mongolian mountains, the Kazakh Eagle Hunters follow an impressive tradition. Wearing fur coats and hats, they saddle up in their horses and gallop fearlessly handling the grand eagles into the top of the mountains so that their wild eyes can traverse the valleys. At the warning sound of the hunters, the eagles unfurl their massive wings and fly aggressively over the prey. After 8 years of hunting, each hunter repatriates his eagle to the wild to breed. Inspired by the story of the Kazakh Eagle Hunters, the profile of the Eagle sofa presents the exact shapes of the golden eagles massive wings. While opened, the long feathers of these birds are perfectly aligned, creating a beautiful effect. This vertical alignment is achieved by the surrounding wood base in striped Ebony Macassar. Entirely handcrafted in velvet, this luxurious grand sofa is not only a tribute to the splendid golden eagle but mostly to the mutual aid between the hunters and their eagles. To celebrate their bound, the velvet color chosen of the original sofa precisely matches the tone of the hats that the eagle hunters wear during the hunt.

COLLECTION Beyond Memory
DIMENSIONS Height. 90cm|35,43’’ Width. 56cm|22,05’’ Depth. 62cm|24,40’’

Upholstery: INSIDHERLAND Cotton Velvet.
Metal: polished brass.

Located in the sunny California on the south-­‐west of the United States of America, the charming Figueroa Mountain is a magical landscape. Evoking the Californian mountain, the luxurious Figueroa dining chair has the same lines of the original armchair. The long curves of this mountain were taken to the exterior and the mountainside ripples, that seem to have been dug by large fingers coming from the sky, were placed on the inside. The top of the chair features the great bow of the skyline and the yellow tone of the ground is replaced by the feet in brass.


Wood: handcrafted structure with walnut veneer sideview finished in half gloss varnish and doors lined in aged mirror. Interior finished with sycamore veneer in half gloss varnish. Bronzed glass shelves. Metal frame, handles and feet: metal structure with brass color finish or brushed bronzed brass with matt varnish. The Unveil sideboard portraits the unknowns of human Identity. The brass frame around the doors in aged mirror means that first look to someone, when, sometimes, we wrongly believe that we already have seen it all. However, we only see what’s allowed for us to capture and so, a small fragment of a more complex formation. When we get interested to get closer to the Unveil sideboard, the surprise factor is interpreted by a continuous border in walnut veneer with thousands of natural wood veins to admire. They not only contrast with the quiet bronzed frame but actually remain hidden behind it. The interior is completely veneered in Sycamore wood and includes a central drawer and three bronze glass shelves. All details are carefully handcrafted because it’s worth to unveil one’s true Identity.


“I draw memories to create what I have never seen.” JSB

Created by Architect Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012, INSIDHERLAND is a Portuguese brand of exclusive design. Drawn with the signature of the creator, the impressive range of furniture, lighting, upholstery and accessories are connected to her personal memories and have been highlighted for their innovative and soulful designs Being positioned in strategic markets of high-­‐end luxury decoration, INSIDHERLAND team is proud of working with the best architects and interior design studios from all over the world who seek for handmade exclusive objects that arouse emotions and stand out in exquisite spaces. We are dedicated with love and enthusiasm into every creation to surprise a sensitive but demanding public. Using the expertise of traditional craft techniques, all creations are made by the hands of Portuguese master craftsmen and jewelers who wisely sculpt them in noble materials, finalizing every detail with elegance and perfection.