Giacomo Chirico, Architect, Designer, Maker

Giacomo Chirico is a young Italian architect who, as he likes to call himself, an architect from the south, because he brings with him the  southerncolours and textures that influence his projects.

After graduating from the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, he opened his studio in the city of Fata Morgana, and in 2018 he founded the Meschi design brand with his colleague Maria Elisa Messina. Giacomo is an all-round designer; he specialises in interior design but has a special passion for commercial premises and product design. A travel lover, he brings his global experiential background that automatically comes out in his refined, elegant and international projects. Meschi design has two offices—one in Rome and one in Reggio Calabria in the historic city centre, where the team offers a professional innovative approach to interior design using various tools, including virtual reality to view projects with impeccable attention to detail and samples made by the skilled hands of local craftspeople.

From ceramics to wood to metal, Giacomo’s projects are a skilful mix of materials that combine to provide harmony for the home, the restaurant and every object. In the design laboratory, as he likes to define it, Giacomo operates in Italy and abroad—from Rome to New York to London. The fundamental aspects of his way of designing are his constant passion and the empathy he creates with the customer to establish a relationship of mutual trust.

Place, Harmony and Matter are the three fundamentals of his project research. Says Giacomo, “I like—and it fascinates me—to design taking care to create spaces and places to live that refer to the context. I have a deep hatred for things that are out of context and flat. There must be perfect harmony and not boring repetitions or flat colours. You must feel the material. The user must perceive with all their senses, touch a surface, smell it and have a contrast in the colours that make us alive”. Last but not least is the link with Reggio Calabria, a small town overlooking the narrow sea channel that divides Calabria from Sicily, a stone’s throw from the Aeolian islands and from the Scilla lands of myths and culture. He adds, “I decided to have my base of operations here because I believe there is a common thread between my way of designing and the place of my origins. Here in my design laboratory, I have my family and love for my friend Cyndi”.