GEDEBE: New luxury shoe and handbag brand from Italy

By Nagmani.

­Sometimes there are things that one can only see happening unexpectedly in life. In this case, I’d say it’s only for the better if one stands firm and steady against all odds. Most importantly, memories of victory like this tend to stay with us forever. It gets us going at full throttle. This is how it exactly fell in place for Giuseppe Della Badia from Naples, another young rising star in the world of designing sensual shoes and bags. His designs are suited to the aspirations of women who are on the lookout for something exceptional. And he best knows how to take care of this requirement in a remarkably stylish way.
In an exclusive interview with EuropeanLife Magazine, we caught up with him to find out what drove him to design shoes and bags, what this new journey means to him and much more.
There is a bit of unknownness to how Badia came out to be doing flawlessly what he does today. When he started this job, he had no idea what to do. It was all new for him. “I wanted to do so many things; be it drawing theatrical clothes, becoming a couturier or designing silk fabrics. My passion was more or less into making accessories which I knew all women are easily able to wear whatever the occasion,” he says.
And then one amazing thing after another kept happening to him. While he launched his brand GEDEBE in 2010, he officially made it public with the handbag collection in 2013. Then, he introduced his shoes collection which took some time, but at last the world got a taste of it in 2015. The wait was worth it in every way for him as he points out, “My experience in couture as an embroiderer simply allowed me to create items never seen before, something that instantly connects the contemporaneity of the accessory with the preciousness of haute couture.”
Even though he studied law which kept him away from the world of fashion, he didn’t give in and went on to make it his passion. As he explains, “Somehow during my studies in a law school I managed to keep alive my craving for drawing and creating something out of it as well as never stopped dreaming about what my ultimate future is going to look like.”
This then brought him to Milan’s Accademia del Lusso from where he completed his Master’s degree in fashion marketing. Yet, he prefers to sum up the overall experience according to what he feels about the overall impact it had on his path to becoming a shoe and handbag designer. “I see it in the context of a lost opportunity that I just let it slip through my fingers and didn’t make the most of. I came to realize that I had lost a unique chance to be part of a great experience during those years,” he says.

Things that make his brand unique

Having a distinctive touch to one’s brand in the fashion industry is highly vital if one is to make a breakthrough and survive here without a hitch. And Badia’s empowering designs certainly speak volumes about his intention to stay at the top of his game.
Fancy and embellished details and colors are definitely the main features of his creations. The decoration part of it is no less important. “It’s a delicate piece of work that becomes part of the object itself. After all, it is in itself an accessory,” he adds.
His wondrous creations are a mix of super luxurious materials (fine leathers sourced from the best Tuscan tanneries, silk fabrics from northern Italy) mixed together in bright and decisive colors, finished with elaborate jewel workmanship, and rigorously handmade in Italy. “You will see an unusual mix of strong elements, but which give life to a light, harmonious creation. Besides, Italy is an inexhaustible source of raw materials, techniques and processes. Everything we produce is entirely made in Italy, from materials to the manufacture of bags and shoes to the embroideries,” he says.

Inspirations and muses close to his heart 

Most of Badia’s inspirational thoughts come from his travel and places he has visited. But one thing that he firmly believes is that if you are a creative person, you can take inspiration from everything around you. Above all, his greatest source of inspiration is the women he knows inside out.
Since he was born in the 80s, grew up in the 90s and 2000s, he feels fortunate to have witnessed some very important fashion seasons made of great creativity and great changes. “The women of my imagination tend to be beautiful, sensual, and feminine. For instance, I think of the top models from the 90s, the actresses of Hollywood and international pop stars, but women you meet on the street every day surely can be your immense inspiration ,” he says. “I’m well aware of their lifestyle and I observe carefully how they get ready for a business appointment, a date, or a trip. Women can teach us a lot about themselves if we make an effort to observe them.”

Fulfilling women’s desires

His philosophy is to give what women long for. Once this is understood, things get a bit easier. “Women who wear my creations do not just want to shine. They want to amaze and have fun too,” he says.
Badia instinctively knows what types of women will add zest to his creations. “She is someone who lives her life like a cosmopolitan person and believes in being free from stereotypes. She is someone who effortlessly oozes glamour from morning to evening even in a pair of jeans,” he says. “She is someone who loves to be noticed and who is not afraid of being looked at and leaves her mark.”
In this DNA age, it’s imperative for every designer to move with the times and do whatever is necessary to get their products in the limelight. This is where Badia loves to open up about celebrity endorsements. “The explosion of social media has strengthened this phenomenon, and today everyone can easily see “who is wearing what”, “he says.
From international fashion influencers like Chiara Ferragni to super models like Joan Smalls to Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton, they all have enjoyed wearing his creations. “I’m happy that celebrities love to wear what I design. It would be one of the happiest moments of my life the day when powerful women like Michelle Obama put on my shoes and bags,” Badia says.

Focusing on his mission

It takes time and energy to achieve big goals in life. There is no short cut to this. As Badia reckons, “Doing what I do now was much more difficult than I initially thought. When I started, the most important thing for me was to be noticed by buyers, celebrities, etc. When I became a well-known brand, my priority shifted to doing my job well no matter what. That’s why every day I try to learn from my work and improve what I do.”
The SS18 collection is inspired by the colors and modern glamour Los Angeles is widely known for. “The floral embroidery is in 3D, enriched with delicate flowers in laser cut leather. There are soft colors combined with hyper feminine shapes too. The heels vaguely recall sabot from the 50s, in satin, decorated with crystal bows, bouclè booties in candy colors, all with a sophisticated but girlish allure,” he says.
Still in its infancy, the brand has a lot to achieve, for which Badia is already ready with his next plans to set the ball rolling. “We need to grow more. We’re working on the issue of retailers: selecting them, acquiring new ones and strengthening the relationships with a marketing agency signed in order to expand the visibility and recognition of the brand. We’ll shortly open our online shop, and we expect to open the first monobrand store in the next 3 years,” he says.
Last but not least, the prospects for GEDEBE as an international brand look even more promising in the light of what he has to say, “I’m not the kind of person who considers that charisma goes unnoticed. It’s important for me to have the capacity to express myself freely and in absolute disinterest to the judgment of the others.”