Upholstered furniture line by FAINA Design

Melt with PAMPUKH

Ukrainian design brand FAINA, established in 2014 by architect Victoria Yakusha, released new upholstered line called PAMPUKH: sofa, armchair, bench and bed. 

From Ukrainian “pampukh” means a small savory or sweet yeast-raised bun or doughnut typical for Ukrainian cuisine. It’s us usually made of very tender dough, that is why the “pampukh” itself as Ukrainians says “melts in the mouth.

Unusual convex lines of the PAMPUKH series are ideally combined with volumetric silhouette of furniture. PAMPUKH seems to melt beneath you, enveloping calm and comfort.

Materials: textile, foam rubber, sintepon, wood.

Like “pampukh” – a series of upholstered furniture from FAINA designed for joy. The shape of the products is directly proportional to comfort: the low armrests allow to conveniently rest in the bosom of the sofa while reading a book, or to take a sweet powernap on the same armrest.

Soft geometry shape, elegance and some touches of primitivism – powerful signs by which you will recognize FAINA Design furniture anywhere in the world.

FAINA – live Ukrainian design collection, inspired by cultural roots, established in 2014 in Kyiv, Ukrainian. The story of FAINA began with idea of Ukrainian architect Victoria Yakusha to make national identity understandable and recognizable throughout the world. The collection is based on her study of the domestic traditions, materials and craft techniques that were carefully transformed into contemporary minimalist design objects.

Clay, felt, willow, flax, and solid wood – are the main elements of collection, helping author to express the concept of “live design” and involve simultaneously all human senses. “Through the FAINA collection, I wanted to reflect the whole life force of energy that has been encapsulated over the Ukrainian land for centuries” – Victoria Yakusha. Nowadays FAINA has over 60 items in 5 categories: capsule clay line, upholstered furniture, lightening, organic line and decor. The collection is growing and changing each day, our big aim — to mark Ukraine on the world design map.