Fili Plaza Jewelry, Barcelona – Spain


Fili Plaza initiates her creative life in the Sculpture in 1983. It is the way where he finds the freedom to investigate forms and textures of the human nature, to transmit emotions: sensuality, femininity, freedom, duality between the feminine and the masculine, the union between man and woman, the force that joins them and separates them.

Years later, in 2003, evolves towards the Author’s Contemporany Jewel. Where it forms all her sculptural record in the contemporary jewel, bathing them of creativity, emotion, expression, force, textures and love. All ther in an own material of the sculpture: the Bronze.


FILI PLAZA BARCELONA is a family enterprise consolidated as brand in jeweler market. All the jewels are created by Fili Plaza made in Barcelona. The collections are the fruit of her permanent study of the forms, the textures and the materials. They are a result of a handcrafted process that they offer each of them the own and only entity.

Fili Plaza’s sculptural baggage allows him to transmit in each of the jewels an endless number of sensations and emotions.


These pieces arise from the subtlety of the semiprecious irregular and only stones between them, wrapped with silver making each pieces: a jewel the only and exclusive sculpture. These pieces transmit the emotion and the force of the sculpture, for the very feminine, sensual, bold and splendidly only women.

The satisfaction to wear art! The jewelry collection of the sculptor author Fili Plaza, is designed to enhance the image of the woman, a woman with sensitivity and taste for art. Giving the material (bronze) spare a bohemian and mysterious air that enhances any casual or urban look. These pieces are fragments of freedom! … And an act of love to give them away forever! Javier and Bianchi. Marketing Professionals contemporary jewelery.


Fili Plaza manages in all her work to elaborate an emotive work taking care very much of the expressiveness of the materials that it uses, of sculptural jewels or of sculptures that turn into jewels. It combines the natural elements with exquisite sensibility providing them with a feeling and emotion, the telluric energies that contain the materials and the sensuality her forms.

Fili Plaza transports us to subtle worlds where some of her figures us arose certain introspection and other liberation, where the meeting and the embrace reduce the relations. The erosions of the life like the air that happens across her jewels and sculptures so that the light crosses her transparencies and as the colors they flood the same ones. But in addition, in her dualities, it teaches us that her jewels – sculptures can express and transmit feelings. But also in their dualities, teaches her jewelry-sculpture can express and convey feelings, that what is broken can bind and unite in the same way that it unites the natural elements to form a jewel-sculpture

Santial  Dr. BBAA


 from the pieces we create a bright new piece “


 the nature main essence“


“ the art movement transfered to the author jewels


“Watching the air running through the hollow forms”.


Collection inspired by the texture of medieval fabrics, designed to travel in time.


“ the network that we build between us”



Last July 28, 2017, Fili Plaza was awarded with the Gold Star by the Institute for Professional Excellence. It has been an honor to receive this award for the work done and the work to be done. Thanks to the team that makes it possible, for their humanity, for their empathy and teamwork, for creativity and the desire to constantly improve.


The Institute for Professional Excellence awards each year this award to the most outstanding Spanish institutions, companies and professionals. Those institutions, companies and professionals capable of innovating and fostering a good economic and social development, with a philosophy oriented to Total Quality in all their actions, that present positive trends with a commitment to continuous improvement and always respect Corporate Social Responsibility are potentially rewarding. (RSC). The institutions, companies and professionals who receive this award become a model and reference in their sector both nationally and internationally for the media impact that this merit enjoys. The Gold Star allows organizations possessing this badge to use, according to specific norms, the symbol of the “Gold Star of Professional Merit” and the “Accreditation Certificate of Excellence” – as well as the different certifications or distinctions – in all its publications, communications and media, evidencing a social recognition to its management.

FILI PLAZA has created a solidarity collection for Sonrisas de Bombay, inspired by the logo of the ONG that adapts to the body to wear it close to the heart. Available in silver, gold bronze and green bronze. The purchase of these solidarity pieces contributes with 10% directly to the ONG to develop solidarity projects in the slums of Bombay, the rest goes to the production, distribution and transport. From Fili Plaza Barcelona, ​​we do not obtain any economic benefits, is our way of contributing.

 FILI PLAZA was born in Salamanca (Spain), 1957.  Studied interior design and ceramics at the Art School of Barcelona