Fabienne Delvigne “Sublimating throught difference”

The essential art book for the Christmas season Forewords Diane Von Fürstenberg and Stéphane Bern
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of her label, Fabienne Delvigne challenges the standards of elegance through an exclusive book.

“Fabienne is a daring woman who has more than one string to her bow and who has put her fiery lust for living at the service of her art. Fabienne is a true magician!” Diane Von Fürstenberg
“What more glorious claim to fame could there be than “Milliner to the Queen?”, asks Stéphane Bern in his preface to the book marking the 30th anniversary of MAISON FABIENNE DELVIGNE.

As they take in the following pages, readers will discover the passion that drives this Belgian entrepreneur, a perfectionist to the very tips of her scissors. A Warrant Holder of several European Courts, Fabienne also designs hats for all the élégantes who enter her Brussels boudoir workshop.

Leafing through the book, readers will not fail to appreciate her unique and fascinating journey.

Sublimating through difference

A woman of character, FABIENNE DELVIGNE puts her creative talent at the service of women whose beauty she intends to sublimate through difference.
A true ode to beauty, her hats are manufactured according to superior traditional craftsmanship. Their creativity and modernity mean that they nevertheless always remain a source of surprise.

Over the years, sublimating through difference has become the trademark of the unique pieces that leave Fabienne Delvigne’s workshop.

Exclusive and contemporary designs

With each new collection, MAISON FABIENNE DELVIGNE creates exceptional pieces that delicately combine all facets of femininity – lightness, curves, daring – while always retaining a contemporary touch that renders them absolutely unique.

Madly sensible or reasonably eccentric, her hats are the result of a remarkable know-how which few designers still master.

Multiple influences

Fabienne has turned her life into an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her label, imbued with a range of cultural and artistic influences, likes to show the resolutely modern image of a woman who asserts herself with elegance.

Borrowing from art its varied interpretations, its dream-like qualities, she creates a sense of fluidity, plays with folds and transparencies, highlights materials to sublimate the female silhouette. At the same time, the nature she loves so much inspires in her the emotion of the moment.

An accomplished artist, she accurately draws the world around her, to the point of creating genuinely iconic fashion objects.

Curves and counter-curves

Fabienne has always loved curves. In her act of creation, straight lines carry no authority. Her designs suggest voluptuous gestures, elegant curves conceived to idealize silhouettes, to give a smile to the woman who appropriates them.

It is out of the curve that dance emerged, the dance of elegantly hatted women who move gracefully, letting their hats swing pleasantly to the rhythm of their steps.

A daring grace

In a wonderfully creative and impulsive gesture, FABIENNE DELVIGNE reveals the beauty, purity, lightness and emotion of the moment through hats that do not hesitate to shake up preconceived ideas about femininity.

Freeing herself from norms helps her to move forward, to assert her style, her personality. And it is precisely this taste for freedom and audacity that she likes to pass on to her clients.

The exact opposite of any academic conformity, the collections of Maison Fabienne Delvigne claim, season after season, a unique artistic temperament.