Desigual celebrates a decade of collaboration

Desigual celebrates a decade of collaboration with Monsieur Christian Lacroix

Desigual and renown French fashion designer Christian Lacroix have just reached 10 years of collaboration and to celebrate it they present the Spring- Summer 2021 anniversary collection entitled Desigual x Monsieur Christian Lacroix Forever.
Their collection expresses its objective: to escape and celebrate, in lavender and colorful prints. Because as Mr.Lacroix remind us: “We need music, fiction, art and joie de vivre to elevate ourselves over the contingencies of daily life. And finding good vibes by being even more ourselves.”


Lacroix always mentions that the first time he saw a Desigual coat walking through the streets of Paris, he thought it was a design from his own tribe. Now, after a decade of collaboration, he points out, “Without exaggeration, these ten years are the climax of my trade as a fashion designer… In a nutshell, let’s just day these ten years complement and improve my career in fashion, after my years in haute couture.”

According to Thomas Meyer, founder of Desigual, “From the first moment we felt a huge mutual respect that has turned into a professional collaboration and friendship. Ten years… twenty seasons. He comes here once a month, more or less, and sometimes we go to see him. And we still have enough Lacroix to last a good while”


The new collection, inspired by nature and the Mediterranean lifestyle, is characterized by the predominance of purple in all its versions, from lilac lavenders to blue violets.
With colors and details reminiscent of Mr. Lacroix native Arles, tulle stands out as a fabric for its delicacy, an ode to Provence. The collection incorporates Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cottons, ecofriendly fabrics and other textiles of fresh and very careful qualities. As for the total looks, they include two pieces, short dresses with ruffles, night pinafore or majestic kimonos in jacket or dress format form an “anniversary collection” that celebrates spontaneity, prints, feminine colors, ornamental nature, and art.


This seasons dress is short, made of tulle and lavender and violet style flowers with blue touches. Light bishop style long sleeves, round neck with bow, marked rubber waistband and four floral print ruffles in skirt format. An iconic outfit that Monsieur has designers inspired by the silky Arlesia lavender fields that, just around this time, will be in bloom.

The images of the campaign, by Txema Yest, feature Monsieur Christian Lacroix´s icons, Tanya Dziahileva, Eugenia Volodina and Anne Rohart.

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