Designer: Strizhak Viktoriya

Short biography.
Strizhak Viktoriya is currently an architect, interior designer and a jewelry design student at British Higher School of Arts and Design in Moscow.
Her previous academic background includes 7 years of study at Nizhny Novgorod University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, which she graduated with Masters’ and Specialists’ degrees in the year of 2013.
Her Master’s and Specialist’s research works were interconnected as a theoretical and practical approaches to solving a relevant scientific problem. Master’s degree thesis was “Pedestrian Street as a Business Center”, where pedestrian street had been analyzed as a new dedicated architectural type of business district. The Specialist’s thesis, “Reconstruction of Rozhdestvenskaya Street in Nizhny Novgorod and it’s Transformation into a Pedestrian-Trolley Zone”, aimed to implement theory in practice. As a result, her thesis was presented at International Review Competition in Graduation Projects and Theses for Architecture, where it was awarded with the First Place Diploma by Interregional Public Organization for Architectural Education Promotion (IPOAEP).
She began working as a freelance architect and interior designer during her university study with an aim to apply knowledge and skills, which she obtained during study process, in practical experience.
From 2013 till nowadays she worked as an architect in construction architectural company LTD “Architectural Studio” in Sarov, Russia. She successfully participated in many architectural contests and have been awarded I Degree Diploma at ArchCut contest in 2014 in Sochi, Russia.
In 2015 she participated at the Exhibition of Painters of Sarov with her graphic artworks.

As a jewelry designer she implements her passion for architecture in jewelry design. In 2016 she has been awarded with I Degree Diploma at MJDW jewelry contest in Moscow, Russia for her unique transformable jewelry collection METABOLISM, dedicated to Japanese rationalistic school in architecture of the second half of the XX century. Next year her project “AVOS’KA”, inspired by Russian product design of Khrushchev’s “Thaw” period in Russian history has conquered I Degree Diploma at Gourji Brand jewelry design contest in Moscow, Russia.
In November 2017 she have been awarded with the I prize diploma in the jewelry design contest held by Tretyakovskaya State Gallery dedicated to the exhibition of El Lissitzky.
Victoria has 14 referred publications in architecture and 5 in jewelry design.

THE EXPAND COLECTION IS deployable dome shaped structures. Specifications and loads, that  occur in the  elements of the constructions, require materials of greater hardness and smaller mass. Thus,  silver, which is soft, would not  suite.  Mirror glossy texture of the jewelry pieces increase its modern futuristic shapes.
THE EXPAND  COLECTION is dedicated to  deployable isokinetic structure, capable of radially varying its measurements both upwards and downwards. Therefore, the jewellery fits any size with no clasps needed.