Designer bags as an investment!

You might think that investing in a designer bag is not realistic, but recently we find out that a designer bag is a great investment.

Nr. 1 on things you can do to grow your savings is to buy a designer bag.  For a vintage Chanel, Hermès or Fendi, the collectors often pay more cents than the new price. These designer bags are therefore more than worth their price. But how do you know which bags will yield the most and are worth this investment?

According to a study (Dennis Repkes, 2015), it appears that the yield of the luxury bags is comparable to that of government bonds. For many business women this is great news, if there is a target group with a love for beautiful, luxury bags, then it is the business women.  We think everybody remembers when they bought their first high-end bag. The moment the bag is in your hand, the smell, the feeling of luxury and than the fact it is your bag, is a great investment in future savings. I bought my first Michael Kors bag in Bloomingdales, New York. Amazing how special I felt. Armed with a credit card, I paid only € 200. Thanks to the VAT discount and a temporary promotion, I got a whopping 40% discount on the exclusive edition that was not even available in Europe. Michael Kors was incidentally quite rare in Europe at the time, now you can find it in every department store.A limited edition of this bag in crocodile leather, for example, can easily save you € 33,000, second-hand.Anyway, if you want to get the maximum return from your designer bag, the following applies: the more exclusive, the more money the item will yield later. Take the Chanel timeless variants for example. Launched in 1980 by Karl Lagerfeld and the line mainly consists of the timeless Chanel bags. The typical shoulder bag, with Chanel logo, silver strap and beautiful black leather in diamond shape, is a model of the French brand. A limited edition of this bag in crocodile leather, for example, can easily save you € 33,000. Second-hand.Online designer auction house Vestaire Collective has recently compiled a list of the 15 designer brands that could make you a lot of money.It turns out this year that your investment in a Chanel 2.55 has more potential on return than trading a share. The bag has increased in value by 230% in the past 12 years (Financial Times).

  1. Hermès Kelly

Hermes is definitely number 1. Now the bags are not cheap at all and you have to put some effort into this. Think of a waiting list and a long, long wait. But then you have something really special.

  1. Céline Trapeze bag

Céline made such a huge growth spurt in popularity 4 years ago. Suddenly everyone wanted a look-a-like of the Trapeze or Luggage bag. Are you tired of it? Then there is a good chance that you can just earn your money back.

  1. Chanel timeless bag

So these are the bags with the most return. Especially since they are timeless, the name says it all. And, remember … the more exclusive, the better.

  1. Louis Vuitton Speedy

Again such an ultimate classic. Years ago I bought a fake, but I did not dare to walk on the street with it. It just didn’t feel right and it didn’t really. A few friends saved for it at the time and I have to say that the bag just gets better. The handles get that typical brown leather color. Delicious!

  1. Givenchy Antigona

Launched in 2010, there were many, many look-a-likes at the time. A typical weekend bag and shopper in 1. It was the era of the big bags. Now it’s more the small shoulder bags, but for this Givenchy topper you will definitely get your investment back.

  1. Balenciaga City bag

Balenciaga’s most popular bag that is still widely copied. Again the forerunner of a trend that was mainly present in 2012. A handbag made of supple leather, with many compartments and long pieces of leather on the zippers. Nowadays you do not fully earn back your investment with it, but I suspect that it will increase again in the future.