Dare to Love, INSANE®, Portugal

About Dare to love Collection

Unusual pieces, reinvented by heritage of memories and traditions, places and people… They are expressive form of art that combines comfort, elegance, and a certain eccentricity… They are objects that offer a unique sensory experience… Dare to Love brings together a set of furniture pieces with exclusive design, combining tradition and innovation, function and passion, classic and contemporary.
With Dare to Love, INSANE® seeks a constant harmony between the functional and aesthetic aspects of the objects, and the emotions they elicit.
Love… Love each option and each detail… Love each corner of every space… a challenge to love objects that provoke. With a daring and courageous design, Dare to Love expresses the identity of a country, of a people passionate about what they do and what they own. Dare to Love is a starting point, an un unfinished manifesto… waiting for the affections and emotions that will come with the simple fact of Being Portuguese.

Dare to love (us)!

chaise longue
Billow is a chaise longue that points in the direction of contemporary ergonomic design, without neglecting an extreme care with form and function.
Using the mariner’s astrolabe, an ancient navigation instrument, as a point of reference, Billow is a piece for indoors or outdoors that evokes the greatness and magnificence of the age of discovery, without neglecting the reproduction of the skilful ornamentation work that formed the body of the mariner’s astrolabe.
205 x 80 x 105 cm
6 cm thickness [upholstery]
Structure in pau-óleo wood with white and golden lacquered details.
Upholstery in fabric with foam with three densities.

coffee tables
Originated in the 16th century, Portuguese “azulejo” tiles have taken, over the years, a prominent role in various settings, giving rise to the creation of so many different patterns
and aesthetics that quickly distinguished them from all others.
Bloom is a set of three tables that highlight the Portuguese soul of the “azulejo”, embodied in purposefully designed mosaics. The filigree centre, in shades of gold, illustrates and reinforces the genuinely Portuguese character of these three pieces that, in unique detail, reinvent and admirable centuries-old art form.
62 x 62 x 35 cm [version 1]
62 x 62 x 38 cm [version 2]
62 x 62 x 50 cm [version 3]
Wood structure covered with Portuguese “azulejo” tiles.
Centre detail in gold plated filigree.
Legs in solid, polished and varnished brass.

desk and chair
Flux carries within itself the essence of being Portuguese.
Like the Portuguese caravels that once criss-crossed the deepest oceans, Flux, a desk and chair set, criss-crosses the space around it, transforming into a distinguished work area, full of personality.
The side leg reinvents the tradition of “azulejo” tile with an original and inspiring pattern.
300 x 75 x 82 cm [table structure]
60 x 83 x 146 cm [chair]
Structure in pau-óleo wood with golden legs and interior drawer clad with wood.
Side leg in cut-out wood, lacquered in white, and interior in golden lacquer.
Chair with wood structure, three densities upholstery and support in cut-out wood, lacquered in white, and interior in golden lacquer.

The sea voyages and explorations that marked the golden age of Portuguese discoveries breathe life into various places in Portugal. Lisbon receives, on the banks of the Tagus, the heritage of many conquests. Hope is a stylised representation of a ship’s hull that evokes, with its shapes, the scale and faceted stone of the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument in Belém.
Hope is a large sideboard that functions as a bar, transforming into a paradigmatic piece of perfect alliance between form and function.
273 x 88 x 123 cm
Wood with wenge veneer and tinted oak.
Polished and varnished brass.
Brass and glass shelf inside.
Wooden legs with detail cladded with polished and varnished brass.