Covet House, Dreaming in Gold

Covet House’s project with Boca do Lobo and Koket

The most ostentatious dreams are filled with gold.
Gold represents luxury, extravagance and royalty.

All the qualities attributed to this whimsical project.

Designed for a person with eccentric and iconic personality, the Director of the Royal Circus of Russia, Giya Eradze, trusted the exuberant hands of Tatyana Myronova’s expertise in American Neoclassical style for this project.

This Moscow-based interior designer and architect, trusted COVET HOUSE to fulfill her golden fantasies… Choosing between between the luxurious brands under the Covet House name like BOCA DO LOBO, DELIGHTFULL, BRABBU, KOKET, MAISON VALENTINA, CIRCU, LUXXU, ESSENTIAL HOME, RUG’SOCIETY, FOOGO or PULLCAST wasn’t the easiest of the tasks, but ultimately the luxurious love affair was born between Boca do Lobo and Koket.

“Our people, especially those who grew up in the Soviet Union in the same soulless interiors, should be able to express themselves, show their individuality. And we, as professionals, have to hear, understand and make a customer such an interior in which he will be driving, incredibly comfortable and cool. ”

Tatyana Myronova

By having in mind the influences of the Circus director, the interior designer had the ultimate luxury experience by providing an exquisite combination of gold tones, textures, shapes and fabrics. Tatyana’s main goal in creating this luxury interior was to have it correspond to the client’s needs.

To make it a space that would easily remind who it belonged to, she included three key things in her design: gold, animals, and Versace.


Filled with brilliant golds, animalistic vibes, and rhinestones, Tatyana created a beautiful Royal feast for the eyes. Using layers of gold, the designer’s favorite color, throughout the space.

Gold chairs, gold dressers, gold chandeliers, gold mirrors, and golden stucco molding. The Director didn’t hide his fascination for the famous, colorful and intense patterns of the recognized brand, Versace. In the apartment, especially in the dining room, is noticeable the presence of its designs like the gold animals that Giya loves. Gold is present everywhere in the apartment, in all the details and patterns)


Pieces like the astonishing armchair, Imperfectio, by Boca do Lobo are distinguishable as luxury and exclusive, honoring the owner. The armchair enhances a message to the living room, is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art and that is truer to life.

The living room’s decoration, specially the armchair, expresses imperfection and, at the same time, confluency between its pieces of furniture. is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life. Imperfectio armchair praises artisanal work as the ultimate form of art that is quite intentionally imperfect. Through its unique existence and shapes, Imperfectio armchair determines its own history. Some parts are roughly asymmetrical at the surface yet comfortable and smooth in a peculiar way to excite a desire for complementing this extravagant living room.
The irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass exposes the beauty of imperfection.

Imponent pieces that combine between themselves in a harmonious and interesting way.

KOKET’s whimsical Mademoiselle armoire with its butterfly doors and the Camilia armoire with its golden peacock add charm to the main room’s animal theme. Complementing the Circus and animal theme of the room, providing an exotic allure.

With a profound admiration and influence of the French decorative arts, the Mademoiselle armoire features filigree metal butterfly doors, backed by decadent fabric and open to a metal leaf interior covered in a high- gloss varnish with nine antique mirror drawers and two adjustable glass shelves, providing a truly magical appeal…

Designed passionately and exquisitely by the incomparable talents powering the Camilia Armoire.
This lively armoire was created to grace the regalest of dining rooms with its elegance and splendor.

Inspired by the aristocratic palacesof the Alexandrian pashas of Egypt, the mother of pearl Camilia is crowned by an artisan hand-carved peacock, meticulously engraved and delicately finished in metal leaf.

Love affairs are born between the forbidden of fruits… In this case Covet House’s passion for design, produced a whimsical luxury project by uniting the charm in the extraordinary pieces from Boca do Lobo and Koket.


Covet House thrives to continuously inspire the world by being utmost tool to boost creativity, with a powerhouse curated collection of luxury furniture, upholstery, lighting and accessories from the most prestigious brands like BOCA DO LOBO, DELIGHTFULL, BRABBU, KOKET, MAISON VALENTINA, CIRCU, LUXXU, ESSENTIAL HOME, RUG’SOCIETY, FOOGO and PULLCAST.