Castro Lighting and Swarovski

The Spirit of Crystal Vision
Swarovski Partnership | Exclusive Crystal Design Debut

Midnight Table lamp
Product highlight
In order to cherish a longstanding and deep-rooted collaboration between Castro Lighting and Swarovski, the one of a kind, exclusively designed, Swarovski crystal was created.
In dedication to celebrating the brands’ partnership, Castro Lighting developed Midnight Table Lamp, it is set to illuminate and pay a glowing tribute to a new lease of life.

Crystal & Brass for the Adventurous Collectors

Timeless Masterpieces bring audacity, privilege, and strong statements. Selected materials, luxurious finishes along with Swarovski crystals create a pure blend of opulence, grandeur and sophistication.

The New Designs reveal elated aesthetic, alluring intelligence and bespoke individuality, creating an exclusive signature to any demanding interior. All this to cherish timeless brand values. Castro Lighting stands for classic traditions, boldly adding new daring design ideas. It absolutely naturally balances between traditional and futuristic vision in lighting design.
Complement your space with the new designs – add a pinch of Portuguese perfection. Solid design, gracious detailing, soulful craftmanship in every piece. Let your ideas sparkle, boosting vibrant vibes of change. New approach, same quality.

Create an atmosphere of elegance and magnificence.

Since 1978, Castro Lighting expressed the commitment to never leave the roots, valuing strong traditions while implementing innovative techniques regarding the meticulous hand-crafted lighting production.
The Brand’s more than 40 years of accomplishments manifest refinement every day. Passion, devotion, endurance – its history is shaped by creators who share the same essence. The secret? Dream bigger and strive to create breathtaking lighting and unique experiences.
These past decades brought technological advances driven by a pioneer spirit and an incessant mood for the creation of distinctive collections. The development of trailblazing projects is powered by one purpose

– To create a legacy in the history of lighting design –

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