Casa Magna at Habitat Valencia show

Official World Debut at Habitat Valencia show September 19

“Let’s embark on a global design journey, embraced in lifestyle collection that should be admired and used on a daily basis.”

Modern furniture, designed and crafted to fit in day-to-day life, Casa Magna aims to bring a new twist to the Design Furniture Concept.
Casa Magna was born from a need to create daily usable luxury furniture. Not just the looks, we invite our clients to embark on a global journey of furniture that can be seen in a countryside villa or a cosmopolitan flat.
With the goal of offering our customers a new luxury interior decor that emphatizes a design concept closer to fashion and lifestyle, we invite our clients to embark on a luxurious world trip to a wide range of destinations from New York to Venice, Abu Dhabi to Sidney.

Inherited tradition from a family business specialized in furniture production for interior projects. Each collection was made upon request, specially handmade for each client’s particular needs and dreams.
We set ourselves for higher goals, a new vision and pack our bags for a new living journey, Casa Magna is now a company in which constant innovation, artisan handcrafted methodologies and the finest row materials characterize our first collection.
Combining these musts with a strong competitive price advantage, we stand as a trusted and competitive partner for the global decoration market, and offer customized solutions for each specific project.

Meaning this, we are personally inviting you to come join us at our Official World-Debut, will be happening at Habitat Valencia fair in Spain, happening from 19-22 September.
We will be displaying at the Pavillion 4 N2, stand N25.