Furniture and artistry as one: can art be comfortable?

Contemporary artist and expressive interior designer Veronika Kopelianski, more known as Nika Lo, creates art that will not leave you indifferent. Have you ever imagined art as a comfy armchair or a multifunctional mirror, serving you as a painting and source of light at the same time? The artist believes – there are no limits for art and creativity. From now on, you can experience art to the fullest – as a functional, comfortable and unique piece of your interior.

Nika Lo is an emerging contemporary artist, currently based in Vilnius, who entered Lithuanian art market with a bang and aroused interest and many discussions among artists and gallery representatives from Western Europe in Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. Her striking and expressive style attracts the viewers eye and is memorable for breath-taking mysterious atmosphere that her artworks bring. In the paintings, the artist is focusing on portraying contemporary women and their inner world. Nika Lo chooses to illustrate women partially or fully naked, in the way telling a true story behind, without lies and layers – the characters from her paintings confront the viewers with honesty and straightforward gaze.

You may ask – how come she decided to create fine art furniture?

The idea behind the project of interior design as a form of art, came to Veronika’s mind after she realized that people are becoming more distant from art and it is approachable for an exclusively narrow audience. Following her desire to make a difference, the artist decided to recreate the objects from her paintings to reality and give them new physical forms that are often confronting us on a daily basis. The furniture is not only practical but also expressively artistic – it plays a role of functional, comfortable and creativity-boosting accent of the interior. In other words, you are inviting the Muse herself to your own space.

The concept of furniture consists of five different objects – the armchairs, coffee-tables, mirrors, partition walls and rugs, which were inspired by Mythological Goddesses: each of them have a direct reference to historical muses Athene, Artemis, Alethea, Aphrodite and Venus. Understanding, that design matter is only a half-work done, the artist decides to deepen her knowledge and to learn how constructions of furniture and mirrors are made in the first place. Seeking for a golden middle, Veronika works with professionals in the fabrics and puts all of the effort adapting her vision to practical comfort in one piece.

Not only it is a unique designed fine art furniture, but also a hand-made individual pieces that can be seen as equivalent to contemporary art that we usually see in galleries and museums.

Nika Lo is a concept of contemporary art and expressive interior, based on the main vision: to discover new interior solutions between art and functional comfort. All furniture and fine art objects are custom made to satisfy the passion for art and extraordinary comfort. Poets, artists and geniuses were giving all the credits for their works to Muses, who were inspiring them for creating life-changing ideas. Now, there is no need to search for the Muse – you can invite her to your own interior and find inspiration within.