Paula Cademartori’s Brazilian bags and shoes

By Nagmani:
Beef up your style with
Brazilian-inspired bags and shoes

In the world of most high-end accessories brands, one thing never changes that is they want their products to be made in Italy. After all, Italy is blessed with an enriching history of unmatched artisanship. It’s even better if they have got their own manufacturing units over here because it has the best artisans not available anywhere else. Influenced by this, the one person whose eponymous luxury label has really made it big is the Brazilian-born Italian-based handbag and shoe designer Paula Cademartori. Her bold print bags and shoes all produced in Italy are known to elevate the style quo of sophisticated women vividly.
Cademartori in her childhood used to spend long afternoons playing with her grandmother’s dresses, jewels and accessories, taking them out one by one from her closet. And one day this simple hobby became a dream of hers to pursue. “I’ve always been interested in accessory especially bags. The bag is a statement. It fully reflects our taste and our personality. It’s a woman’s status symbol. I always used to say: “Tell me about the bag you’re wearing and I’ll tell you who you are,” she said.
There is no denying that her intuitive spark contributed to who she is today. But her studies also made this goal possible. She studied Industrial Design in Porto Alegre, Brazil and had the opportunity to work with jewelry and shoes but then her passion for accessories brought her to Italy, where she did a Master’s course at Istituto Marangoni and then got a “Young Fashion Manager” certificate from Bocconi University in Milan in order to further hone her skills.
The reason her bags have a strong fan base is because they’re contemporary and cosmopolitan in appearance. The overall design of Cademartori’s products is the result of her own style, her ideas and feelings and of course what she would like to wear herself. “My bag collections have to convey the message that accessory is something meant to last over time. That’s why I often draw my inspiration from classic bags, with the aim of exploring that same quality, that same chic and lasting elegance,” she said.
Cademartori tends to get inspired by anything that seems to give her a sense of thrill. While working on a new collection, her view on everything is very personal and unique. “I just interpret my emotions and translate them into shapes, colors and textures. I try to bring something new in every collection and it takes a long research to always discover new elements. I’m a very curious person. I’m interested in the most diverse creative fields from art and music to cinema and literature,” she said.

Working with big fashion heavyweights like Versace

Cademartori learnt a lot on all fronts while working alongside Donatella as part of her design team. As she explained, “My knowledge of fashion especially regarding accessories improved a great deal and of course my professional experience shone at the same time. And the amazing time I had at Versace gave me the opportunity to get to understand “the inside world” of this historical and multinational brand. From here on, the thought of starting my own brand kicked in and finally launched it in 2010.”

Hollywood celebs find it hard to resist

It makes Cademartori really excited as well as feel rewarded when her muses and people she admires wear her handbags. Famous actresses and singers wear her bags, such as Beyoncé, Mischa Barton, Emma Roberts, Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Hurley, Pixie Lott, Rosario Dawson, Emilia Clarke and Kylie Minogue, and some of the most beautiful models like Natasha Poly, Kendall Jenner, Petra Němcová, Ana Beatriz Barros, Emily Ratajkowski, and Olivia Palermo.
“But my creations are for every woman who appreciates and knows how to distinguish the quality and craftsmanship of an accessory. I love every woman who has a sense of class and elegance,” Cademartori said. When I design my bags and shoes, I always think about women, and firstly how to make them feel beautiful wearing my designed creations.”
Using refined materials and colors

She loves mixing the most different materials from the more refined to the poorest or to the unexpected ones. Her Brazilian spirit is well reflected in the way she plays with colors in her collections. “I always love to mix them and create different combinations. In each collection you will always find some bright colors or unexpected matches,” she said.
It’s no wonder that her collections are so popular among Arab women who she says have a strong attention to details, and they are the main expression of luxury. “I love the way they pay attention to what they choose for themselves —it’s an attitude that most people seem to have lost,” Cademartori said.
Looking at her determination to make foray into new markets, there is no doubting Cademartori’s willingness to be working at full throttle to develop her company, add new product categories. “My overall aim is to create a real “Cademartori world” for my final customers. Besides, I’m deeply focused on extending my network of sales in the world and in a few years opening the first Paula Cademartori flagship store,” she said. “The journey is going to be full of surprises.”