Bessa Art & Design

The UK sofa was inspired in the famous Chesterfield sofa.
It is said that these sofas, leather settees with a distinctive deep buttoned, quilted leather upholstery and seat low base, were designed in the Uk in the early eighteenth century. Bessa redesigned this icon of the world design and created a unique chesterfield. The Uk Sofa appears to be levitating. This refreshing look comes from the exquisite brass tube foot. The velvet adds a touch of excellence by accentuating the bright color with moving lights. The originality of the Uk sofa is in the innovative details while remaining
familiar to the original design. This is another piece that brings back passionate memories!

Materials | Velvet, brass pipe + varnish antioxidant

Note: All Bessa pieces can be customized, upon

Bessa is a Portuguese Art & Design brand that recovers techniques of craft production to unique pieces. It is exclusive and luxurious home decor.
Bessa brings back the charm of ancient times, through a new interpretation. A modern interpretation of the classical times. A unique vision of the past. A ‘new old’.
Our exclusive work recreates feelings and stories of other times that seek to build a perfect past. A past full of exciting memories, inspiring feelings of nostalgia.

Bessa’s mission is to bring into our lives a new concept of decor and interiors’ use by designing unique and exclusive pieces that recreates feelings and stories.
Bessa combines the physical and the emotional space in functional pieces that delight the consumer. The pieces are thought to not only be used on a daily basis, but also be pieces of Art & Design created to aggregate in harmony and elegance all kinds of environments.

Bessa intends to be a reference in design all over the world by offering exclusive and luxury home products. Born in Porto’s noble ambience, Bessa wants to throw attention into the exclusive products made in Portugal.