BAUDE Paris, “The best kept secret of luxury”

Elodie Baude the founder, creator and a globetrotter, who combines the essential style that embodies Parisians.
All creations are at the heart of her universe and resemble the elegance of French luxury.
The “Pavillon Baude ” is the home of the private collection & the life of the brand.

As a fervent lover of fashion, haute-couture and journeys, she has always lived in the luxury universe.
Little girl, she already loved creating her dolls’ clothes, and kept dreaming of founding one day her own luxury brand for exceptional clients.
Living in one of the greatest capital of fashion surrounded by a creators’ family: a famous world-known name of the French perfumery during the 70’s and a Belgium sculptor, she was highly inspired, from her early years, by the creative universe.
She developed her singular talent through her successful career at LVMH, Jean-Charles de Castellbajac, Inès de la Fressange and became the strong and inspired woman she is today.

BAUDE Paris is an elitist luxury brand, creations are a mix of art, femininity, authenticity & French expertise.
The CollecEon was enriched with its variety of bags, haute-couture jackets in different styles & designs as well as in exotic skins & leathers, meticulously selected in the breeding of a French famous house.
The House BAUDE is positioning as an exclusive brand to reach an initiated & sophisticated clientele who’s looking, in luxury, for singular and demanding personality creation.
The collection of leather & exotic skin purses, bags, accessories & haute-couture jackets of unique & daring styles.
Made in France & Italy.

These accessories offer a freedom of movement to these independent women; simultaneously enhancing their clothing styles & their personalities.
Her creations are an essential, a must, and not a simple accessory among many others, for these elegant & demanding women, that see in these luxurious objects everything that is invisible to the initiated: the inherent perfection of the French know-how which is essential to the brand.