Baselworld 2016

Last week I was in beautiful Switzerland for Baselworld.
Baselworld is the most prestigious marketplace in the world for watches and jewelry, or as their press release says:

The one unmissable trendsetting show that unites key players from all sectors of the global watch and jewelry industry and sets the tone for the coming year.”

I could already feel the vibe of luxury welcoming me when I walked out of the airport in Basel. And when I walked through the door of the conference hall, I could see and feel the opulence that Baselword created. The many tiny crystal lights brighten the hall like a diamond and the beautiful women in their long glamorous white dresses welcomed me as the queen of the ball.

Baselworld was very well organized: the stands, the food, the presentation; it was all presented in perfection in the smallest detail and it was a joy to walk among all the journalists, photographers, and cinematographers to see all the luxury brands showing their 2016 collections.

Porsche Design, a great lifestyle collection, was one brand I quite enjoyed talking to about the possibility of working together and showcasing their great collection worldwide. I also liked the amazing collection of Tirisi Moda. They were still building the stand when I approached them, but between the boxes, the jewelry cases, and their jewelry shines, their display was a rainbow of colors. You could see their jewelry is made with love, and that gives me that peaceful feeling.

When I entered the stand of Garrard, I felt suddenly transported to 1735 and I could feel the presence of the Royal family. For nearly 300 years, Garrard has designed and created beautiful jewellery, royal regalia, and silverware for kings and queens from around the world. Their design is amazing and their collection is pure royalty! The energy from their display made me bow when I left their stand.

While I walked around I saw that the presentation of this industry is getting more professional every year. The stands are bigger, more glamorous, and more expensive. A simple folder for the collection is not enough anymore—now the press kits come in many ways: on discs, on sticks, as a book, on big TV screens, or given as beautiful presents and glossy bags to stand out from the many competitors on the floor.

That left me with the question:

How do you get that same feeling to your clients across the globe without having a stand in every country?

How can we get your product, your content, and especially that luxury feeling in many countries, in local language with one push on the button?

I haven’t yet figured out the answer, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

After spending the day breathing in luxury and enjoying the beauty of design, I flew back to Barcelona. My back and my feet were killing me, but I felt like I was floating.

I salute all these luxury designers who bring us joy and brighten the world with their color and creativity.


2016-03-19 13.53.19 TJ_Venice_06 Messika Joaillerie- Solena Maya necklace

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