ANASTAZIO, Athens-based fine jewellery label

Anastazio Kotsopoulos is the founder and creative director of the eponymously named Athens-based fine jewellery label, ANASTAZIO.
One of Greek’s emerging and talented contemporary jewellers, Anastazio’s passion for jewellery unfolded in the company of his brother, Agis Kotsopoulos, a noted gem-setter in Greece. At the age of 19, Anastazio began studying the art of stone-setting and jewellery-making under the tutelage of his brother.

The two worked together for many years and honed their skills under the watchful eyes of the best Greek goldsmiths, working10-14 hours every day.
Anastazio’s love for gold jewellery led him to design the Nude Love heart pendent, Fish of Gold earrings, Contrast earrings and Cosmos pendent, among others. Desirous of carving a niche for himself in the world of jewellery in his native country, Anastazio made eight key pieces and presented them to the jewellers in Santorini. His talent did not go unnoticed.
Anastazio’s vision is that his wearable handmade jewellery should be an ode to femininity. The designs with intricate details, yet stylishly simple – Meander rings, Tears of Love pendant, Fish of Gold earrings – reflect his approachable and creative persona.
Drawing upon geometry, textures and inspirations from Greek folklore, Anastazio’s jewellery is steeped in craft tradition and influenced by his heritage. Through his work Anastazio shares his love for artistic jewellery, inspired by ancient cultures, the nature and love of feminine sexuality.

New jewelry line became a merger of modern trends and tendencies in jewelry design with classic Greek ornament since ancient times used in the national fine arts.
The meander has always been very symbolic ornament, bearing in itself the idea of infinity, the eternal flow of all things. Many temples were decorated with this ornament, bearing a hidden meaning connection with the Cretan labyrinth — a unique architectural creation, which can be depicted using square wave.
In addition to the mystical sense of the familiar motif also symbolizes the bonds of friendship, love and sincere dedication. That’s why items and ornaments with this pattern are often present on the wedding day. New collection of Anastazio includes 8 jewelry, made of silver and gold.
Necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets encrusted with sapIt is worth noting an interesting approach that was used to create a jewelry line.
Earrings offer classic pairs can also be purchased separately and combine them together — with a unified style jewelry look appropriate and harmonious in any combination.phires, amethysts and quartz rutilov.

He designs in order to make the wearer feel beautiful, bring people together and inspire compliments. The power of a compliment, believes Anastazio, can make people feel more beautiful and confident than any other material possession.

For me, bringing people together is what life is all about.
My purpose is to help this process with the fabulous art of jewellery.
My jewellery is mainly designed for dynamic women with strong personality, who like to feel unique, beautiful and confident when  wearing one of my designs. – Anastazio