Stunning Fall Trends for 2019 by PullCast

With the year going by so fast, summer is already here and it definitely won’t take long until the green leaves turn brown and the fun, hot days at the beach become calming and relaxing evenings by the fireplace with some hot cocoa in hand and a few blankets to cosy up to. Fall and winter are coming soon, and the world of interior design is already preparing the best trends for this new season.

PullCast has searched through the most popular trends reported for this fall and has come up with several suggestions to create the perfect fall ambience by using our decorative hardware pieces and following this year’s interior design trends, which are mainly focused on statement pieces that will draw eyes to the smallest of details.

Natural Designs

Highly influenced by the increasing environmentalist movements around the world, the trends for this year have become more centred around natural elements and sustainable furniture options, mainly through the use of pieces made with recycled or natural materials or that are specifically designed to look like these natural elements such as the Strelitzia Door Pull, which is inspired by the South African flower plant that has been grown there since the 19th century, in major design projects. These decorative but practical door pulls will be able to provide authentic and elegant detailing to rooms in a sustainable and neutral way that can fit into any luxury design project.

Curved Furniture

Reminiscent to the 1970’s interior design trends, the curvy aesthetics are coming back on trend this year and are being largely used in interiors. Although they are usually applied to sofas, chairs or other upholstery items instead of decorative pieces, a curved handle will retain the vintage ambience this trend offers to the room while also serving a decorative but practical use. The Dune Door Pull, which resembles the beautiful sand dunes in Peru, was designed with strong curves in order to create a powerful first impression while keeping the room neutral, natural and on trend.

Art Deco

This glamorous and excessive style, popular in the 1920’s and 30’s, has returned for this year, and it features strong colors, geometric patterns and bold detailing applied mostly to seating, tables and decorative items.  The Skyline Handle, from PullCast’s Cosmopolitan collection, was designed based on the silhouette created by the skyscrapers in big cities at night and will compliment this art style perfectly while granting the room a sophisticated and elegant look. Its golden color is also a very versatile feature that will be able to match any grand Art Nouveau-inspired interior design projects.


The super popular minimalist and simplistic trends have been replaced by maximalism in 2019, especially in the kitchen area. This translates to more creative backsplashes, with geometric, excessive and colourful wallpapers and tiles, brighter color palettes in the room and impactful detailing, such as the use of the Hendrix Cabinet Handles, which provide an architectural aspect to the kitchen design while still maintaining the artistic and stunning maximalist trend.