Designer Paola Bonacina


Paola Bonacina is..

.. an entrepreneur and designer, Paola is a daring dreamer who has created a high quality product that carries her name.

“ I was a little girl when I first started spending my days at my aunt and uncle’s work laboratory, my eyes wide open and eager to learn, I watched them carefully cut, glue and sew. The distinct scent of leather, the mastic, the sound of the gavel and sewing machines at work. I enjoyed feeling the various textures of the different leathers in my hands, I loved seeing and touching the magnificent, precious bags . That’s when I knew that I wanted to design and create, and that it was my dream to do it through my own sensations.”.

This is how Paola Bonacina introduces her project to anyone who asks her where her idea started.
It surly is an ambitious project, made possible thanks to Paola’s tenacity; she never stopped dreaming and always created in order to give voice to her inspirations ; a bag created by her own hands, a home accessory, a decoration, a cake, it doesn’t matter what, Paola always felt the need to express herself by giving life to beautiful, unique and precious pieces, all elegant and sophisticated.

Paola Bonacina’s bags

Paola Bonacina’s designer handbags are the result of inspiration that comes from her everyday life and experiences, from her roots, from her family and her personality, rock with a hint of soul. The outcome is inevitably an extremely high quality product actualized in fine leathers chosen one by one in eye-catching shades with cuts of materials that combine perfectly in every fold and seam.

All this passion is essential and encourages Paola to be extremely attentive to each detail of her accessories, from the chains to the zippers to the internal finishes, each detail is treated with the utmost care.

Each of Paola’s bag tells us something about her, this is why they are so different to others, her own style can be seen in each bag… a contemporary ever-green.

Family capsule collection

The first capsule collection was inspired by her family, there are four influential women in her life, her eldest daughter Giulia, graceful and tiny but rather feisty, gave her name to the python clutch bag. For Francy, her youngest daughter who loves big spacious bags and has a decisive nature and rock style – this is how the maxi bag in soft leather with python details was created. Lara, the practical and dynamic sister could only be represented by the calfskin shopping bag. Emma, her mother, the great classic, is pure elegance. The encounter between history, tradition and innovation have created both a soft calfskin and python version.

The production

Paola only collaborates with meticulously selected small teams of artisans, people who have the ability to give life to an object using their own hands, taking all the time and attention needed in order to create the perfect end product: a real piece of art.
All Paola Bonacina’s bags are born from a concept that grows through careful design and begins to take shape with the choice of the leathers processed in Italy; Python, soft leathers, calfskin and crocodile. All suppliers of leather and accessories, just like the artisans who deal with the metal parts and also the laboratory that takes care of the packages of the final product, are all Italian. This is in order to achieve an utterly Italian and local handmade product.

Whoever collaborates with Paola is bound to love their art, and must search for excellence and feels emotional at the sight of the final product.


To complete the collection Paola has created a bracelet finely handmade in the prestigious leathers found in the bag collection. To name a few: python, crocodile, ostrich, alligator and calfskin. Available in various colours and shades, delicate or bold, matte or iridescent.
Men’s belts have also been introduced into the collection in calfskin and crocodile, created for the man who is very attentive to detail and wants to be always on trend.



All Paola Bonacina collections are certified Made in Italy.
All pieces in exotic leathers are accompanied by the CITES certificate.
Every piece from the Paola Bonacina range are all available to purchase online directly through the official web site: