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Tracy DurrantTracy is a PR consultant and Lingerie entrepreneur. She runs her own luxury lingerie business called Edwards & Millers Luxury Lingerie. She’s involved in all aspects of the brand from designing, production as well as the marketing. Her Lingerie is manufactured in the UK and is sold via her online store. Understanding the challenges faced by businesses, especially start-ups, Tracy has developed services to support creative entrepreneurs, services include public relations consulting, branding photography and her business club to help other creatives overcome some of the hurdles she faced.

Grow Global: How to improve your PR communications strategy – In India – by Tracy Durrant


With India having one of the fastest growing economies in the world (recent growth reaching close to 9%) it’s safe to say more European businesses will be looking to start or expand their business in India. With rising incomes in India creating a new middle class and a new taste for Luxury, this poses a real opportunity for Luxury businesses to go into India and start trading.

With the Internet there are so many ways to do business globally, expanding into the Indian luxury market could involve developing online marketing strategies, or you could take the approach Christian Louboutin took back in 2012 with his flamboyant super imposed Eiffel Tower imposed at the back of his first stand alone boutique in Delhi.

If you’re already doing business in India or planning to move your business there it’s essential for your business to have a PR communications strategy that is suited to the country.

Today’s post has 3 tips for improving your PR communications strategy when doing business in India.

1. Are we speaking the same language

Much of India’s population is English speaking however, when developing your communications strategy it shouldn’t be assumed. English is only one of 15 languages spoken in diverse bilingual India. It’s important to develop some understanding of the market you would like to connect with, and find ways to communicate authentically in a language that appeals to your market.

Speaking the same language as your audience will show a level of real interest and connection within a new market and could be perfect when reaching out to specific groups. This can be taken in the literal sense i.e developing communications campaigns that are in India’s most prominent language which is Hindi written in Devanagari script or in terms of understanding the way your target customer likes to communicate.

Most PR campaigns will use a variety of media from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram plus traditional television, radio and print, understanding which platform is preferred by your target customer and the style they like to be communicated with will go along way in fine tuning your public relations strategy.

2. Calendar Proof

With India having 7 major languages and 6 main ethnic groups it’s important to have some idea of the major holidays that take place throughout the year.

There are 8 popular festivals that take place in India, they include Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Navaratri, Onam, Krishna Janmashtami, Pushkar Camel Fair, and Kerala temple festival.

Depending on the kind of product or service you have the knowledge of the kind of festival that is about to approach can provide a great opportunity for you to tie in your latest campaigns and promotional offers, this will show your target audience you really understand them and will help you develop brand-consumer trust.

3. Spoken and written word

It’s important to consider your use of words and pronunciations when developing your PR communications strategy, it helps to have an understanding of how your words can be misinterpreted in different regions. An example of how pronunciations and written language can cross paths and cause confusion is when American R&B Megastar Beyonce launched her 2006 album B’day (a disambiguation of Birthday) which when heard in France has the same pronunciation as a Bidet. Unless you or your PR consultant is fluent in many languages as well as having an understanding of the local abbreviations etc. it can be difficult to cover all your basis but there are some things you could do to reduce the chances of these sort of issues arising and potentially ruining your campaigns.

1. You could connect with a PR firm based in India, they will be able to assist you in the suited approach for constructing a PR campaign that will work for your media, for your desired market.

2. Alternatively you could make use of freelancers based in India who can assist you in developing a strategy in tune with your brand targets, you could hire a copywriter based in the region and connect regularly via Skype or Google hangouts to ensure you’re both on the same page. Working with a Indian copywriter can also help you ensure your content is speaking in the correct tone for your audience.

This is an exciting time for Europe to explore the opportunities provided by India’s growing economy. The Diversity of culture provides a exciting playing field for injecting creative public relations campaigns, but first it is essential to get to grips with the communication strategies outlined in this post.