Column – Ilona Cizewska


Luxury of comfort

Are these two concepts familiar? They surely are. Can they be combined? There are many answers to this question. Some do not see the connection between comfort and luxury. Today I want you to take a look at a new concept tied to luxury – the luxury of comfort. The concept may be new, but we subconsciously strive for it, even though we have no idea how to achieve this state.

The luxury of comfort is an emotion. We will approach it as a reflection of the state of relaxation, peace, spiritual balance and inner harmony. How many times were you looking to experience these emotions, looking for answers, why this state is unavailable or out of reach?

The luxury of comfort is an element of luxurious identity, which is part of your self-awareness and its development. We gain the ability to experience this emotion during our lives, by “living in the world”. We learn and memorize what makes this feeling accompany us. We strive to repeat this emotion. We obtain luxury goods that help us recall this feeling. We are looking for goods that share features of those good to reignite the feeling we once experienced.

The feeling of comfort appears when we feel taken care of and special. It appears when someone can read our needs and meet our expectations. Sometimes we need as little as a hotel breakfast served in accordance with our needs, dietary requirements and aesthetic preferences, sometimes the feeling appears when we notice features of an item that do not seem to match our style at first, but somehow affects and attracts us. The feeling of harmony and peace appears when this thing, this moment, this emotion is ours and ours only, we have an intimate connection with it and we feel that it is intended for us. The same applies to luxury goods: we love knowing, that a service or product has been made specifically for us. It increases its importance and meaning. It shows that we are on a pedestal and both require and receive top quality.

We desire luxury of comfort as it brings some stability and harmony to our lives. It is an indicator of sorts that shows that we are on the right track in life. If discomfort appears, our satisfaction with our life drops. We are under the impression, that things are fleeting and that stability of some people and things is out of balance.

The luxury of comfort is made up of key aspects of how we function, communicating luxury and luxurious communication, but this is a matter to be discussed in a separate piece.

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