Luxury as a State of Mind and Body


Luxury as a State of Mind and Body

Luxury is a common concept, however it is difficult to define and refine it. Using that word we follow general social determinants. We recognize names and definitions of others as our own. We do not emphasize our own feelings and experiences. With my blog I want to show intimate and personal nature of this concept and how to enrich our lives with luxurious experiences. I am going to visit places, meet people who create luxurious goods and places and also use luxurious goods. I will show the new faces of luxury and trends in the world of luxury.

The approach towards luxury items is a display of one’s understanding of their surroundings, by expressing their own needs and expectations. By selecting luxurious clothing or jewellery, one is able to set trends. By picking art for one’s office or home, they are able to show off their interests and abilities. All of that helps to create an image of a unique, self-conscious person. A person that makes choices and follows their own tastes. A person that stays in touch with their inner self and is able to show it to others.

I am going to show what it means to feel luxurious, what sensations from the body and the mind prove the conditions we experience. I am going to show how our mind and body react to luxury. I will indicate the ways luxury could be your companion every day. I am going to describe how luxurious mind and luxurious body influence better satisfaction and enhance the quality of life. I will show you the emotional side of luxury and reveal gender of this concept.

I invite you to take part in an unusual journey. Experience tranquility, calmness, distance as well as readiness and mindfulness. Feel as an exceptional person who is aware of their own needs, desires and dreams, and knows the way to achieve them all. Dream, feel sense and value the life brings in all its aspects. Above all, I invite you to self-awareness carried by feeling of luxury and realization of luxurious desires, really personal and often not so obvious.

In my opinion luxury is a state that becomes apparent in the cohesion of body and mind. It is a concept of harmony, peace, passion, satisfaction and fulfillment. This is the world I am about to introduce you to. Please meet me and my guests every two weeks – feel luxurious and find your way to luxury.

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