Yacht Design with Princess’s Revolutionary R35

Innovation Redefines Yacht Design with Princess’s Revolutionary R35

On road, in the air, or on water, rarely does a new form of luxury transport arrive that genuinely changes perceptions, challenges expectations and delivers a new experience. The R35 from Princess Yachts does exactly that and heralds in a new era for the storied company’s product offering and the yacht market as a whole.

The R35 is the first Princess R Class performance sports yacht. Designed and hand-built in Plymouth, England, it combines revolutionary performance capabilities, stunning design, quality, and race-bred technology to deliver a unique on-water experience at all speeds.

Designed in partnership with world-famous Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies (BAR Technologies) and Pininfarina, the R35 is a powerful expression of intent from a company hitting a rich vein of form: Princess Yachts, renowned for British craftsmanship and engineering pedigree, is experiencing record financial results and order books as the R35 is brought to market. Now is the ideal time to reveal its most technologically advanced and significant sports yacht ever.

  • Just as ‘race to road’ principles underpin the world’s greatest supercars, America’s Cup technology drives the R35’s game-changing performance
  • Ground-breaking Princess Active Foil System (AFS) developed with BAR Technologies optimises stability and manoeuvrability in all sea conditions, allowing for a much lower drag hull form to re-define ride comfort and high-speed cornering ability
  • Revolutionary new lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque hull structure designed in collaboration with legendary Italian styling house Pininfarina – a name synonymous with many of the world’s most beautiful and valuable cars
  • Advanced aerodynamics represented by visually defining side air blades that maximise engine airflow, while managing vortices and turbulence at the stern of the yacht to improve comfort
  • State-of-the-art twin all aluminium, direct injection V8 petrol engines with variable valve timing and fully CNC machined intake and exhaust ports provide exceptional levels of torque and responsiveness to safely power the R35 to an exhilarating 50 knots: the fastest-ever Princess
  • Sumptuous bespoke Princess interiors designed for luxury living at sea paired with innovative equipment including glass panel helm, prestigious Naim audio and Esthec floors
  • 24/7 Princess Lifeline assistance anywhere in the world complimentary for two years

“The R35 is a rare mix of extreme elegance and technology. Often design is a triumph of beauty over function or function over beauty. Princess has been able to develop a technologically game-changing yacht that is also stunningly beautiful. It is in every way a new experience, yet also instantly recognisable as a Princess.”
Antony Sheriff, Executive Chairman of Princess Yachts.

The R35 is a genuinely innovative and revolutionary yacht borne of a desire to combine all of Princess’s renowned design and quality strengths with new technologies, materials, and engineering and design partnerships. As the world’s first R Class performance sports yacht, the R35 will make its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2018.

To deliver a truly game-changing sports yacht, Princess has teamed up with the world’s finest design and technology partners to ensure the R35 delivers a new, intoxicating experience. It will enthral Princess loyalists and engage new customers at first sight and first ride.

The inspiration for the R35 came from many sources, but focussed on one clear goal: how could Princess deliver a beautiful and elegant yacht that re-defines dynamic performance?

A key differentiator is Princess’s unique collaboration with BAR Technologies – the British company behind Britain’s attempt to win back the America’s Cup – that allows the R35 to utilise the benefits of foiling technologies to take performance, handling and efficiency to new heights. What followed was a meeting of minds, as Princess challenged BAR Technologies to transfer their racing knowledge into the motor yacht industry. Princess wanted to raise the bar: was it possible, using a dynamic foil system, to dramatically improve stability and seakeeping on the R35, whilst reducing drag by up to 30 per cent?

The result is the ingenious Princess Active Foil System (AFS). Twin moving foils beneath the waterline provide improved dynamic stability, raise the performance bar and increase efficiency.
AFS does not elevate the hull above the waterline like the America’s Cup sailing yachts. Instead, it uses the lift to dynamically adjust the heel and running angle, optimising ride and comfort.
Incorporated in a small, dynamic sports yacht like the R35, the benefits of AFS are immediately and dramatically obvious.

Princess found further inspiration working together with iconic styling house Pininfarina, responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful motor cars. There is a historic and intrinsic link between boat and car design that the Italian company inherently understands – the step changes in automotive design in the 1930s and 50s was inspired by the sweeping curves and graceful lines of the boats of that period. As a result, the R35 looks sculpted, elegant, dramatic, and as breath-taking at speed as it does at a standstill. A testament to the designers who created it.

Vitally, the R35 also builds on Princess Yachts’ leading market position and loyal customer base.
It points to an even brighter future for the world’s leading yacht builder , engaging new customers and presenting new technologies and design language that will be rolled out across the range in coming years.

Having delivered record financial results in 2017, with their highest ever annual sales performance,
a return to profitability, and over $1bn of advanced orders, the R35 rides the waves of recent successes and will be the first of six new launches in the second half of the year that are set to help Princess deliver even stronger financial results for 2018.

In Detail
Princess Yachts represents the epitome of British craftsmanship. The company has been renowned for building luxury yachts for more than 50 years – so what makes the new R35 so special?

Technology and innovation
Overcoming the traditional performance trade-offs by offering dramatically lower drag with an extraordinary improvement in stability.

America’s Cup inspiration from Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies
Princess’s innovation partner on the R35 is BAR Technologies – the nautical experts behind Britain’s bid to win the America’s Cup.
Known as the Formula 1 of sailing, the America’s Cup inspires its competitors to design the most advanced boats on the water. Where wings harness the power of air flow in Formula 1, foiling techniques have driven America’s Cup racing boats to reach incredible speeds. It has put the world’s oldest sporting trophy back in the global spotlight and illuminated just what is possible onwater.

But owning an R35 isn’t just about having a yacht – it’s about being part of the Princess family.
Princess Lifeline provides owners with 24/7 international access to medical and security assistance, or technical help from our global network of dealers. Whatever happens, owners are covered wherever they cruise for the first two years of ownership after which they can easily renew.
A familiarization course prior to delivery means owners can confidently take to the waves in the new R35 and experience the full benefit of Princess’s, and their key partners’, vision and dramatic execution.

“Aside from the revolutionary technology, the look and design of the R35 is enough of a reason alone to make you fall in love with this yacht. One day all boats will be made like this and it is our ambition to introduce this new level of technology and desirability to all of Princess’s boats. Forget what you know about yachts – the R35 challenges and changes perceptions.”
Antony Sheriff, Executive Chairman, Princess Yachts.