The Most Luxurious Mercedes Ever

2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class: The Most Luxurious Mercedes Ever

For those in the market for a hyper-luxurious car, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class appears to be the right place to look. This stunning new model features significant changes from the previous edition.
Mercedes-Maybach is clearly pushing this car as one for the driven as opposed to those who drive. Not that it would be an unpleasant experience to drive such a fine vehicle, but many of the updates are clearly those to please a passenger. One such change is the extended wheelbase, made longer by a full 7 inches. This creates a genuinely fantastic rear cabin, which, when paired with the additional comfort features like massage seats and neck/shoulder heating, makes it an authentic chauffeured experience.

The new Maybach S-Class features two-tone paint finish options. The dividing line is applied by hand and part of several unique features that help the Maybach S-Class stand out. The first great feature is the chrome fin on the distinctively redesigned hood. The grille, too, looks incredibly distinguished with those stunning vertical chrome pinstripes. The new color scheme and fine finishes are great news on a much-loved top-end luxury sedan.
The car is built with exclusive larger rear doors affixed with a quarter light in the C-pillar and the much-coveted Maybach logo inset. The rear doors are also installed as comfort doors with electric assistance for easy opening, even when on a slope. The design is taken even further in the Maybach edition; Stunning wood surrounds have been placed around the front-seat backrests, which helps them look like lounge seating. There are also more generous areas of trim in the Maybach S-Class.

Some more firsts for the Maybach S-Class include adaptive rear lighting, where passengers can adjust the brightness, size, and position of the light and adjust it for a working or relaxing ambiance.
Finally, there’s a great synergy between modern and traditional, with both digital and analog elements present in the overall design. The 12.3″ digital driver display and the 12.8″ central display bring a world of high-tech wizardry to your fingertips, and the stainless-steel pedals and contemporary chrome detailing also adds to that more futuristic feel. On the other hand, the old-world trims, wood surrounds, double seams, diamond patterns, and sumptuous Nappa leather throughout.

Noise Suppression Outside, Quality Sound Inside:
The active road noise compensation system helps expel virtually any trace of the outside using counter-phased sound waves. Keeping out the road noise also helps the driver to better appreciate the ambient or melodic sounds coming from the Maybach S-Class integrated 30-speaker Burmester High-end 4D Surround Sound system. It’s all part of what Mercedes likes to call ENERGIZING comfort.

The new model’s starting price is currently estimated at $180,000 and will reportedly arrive at dealerships starting in summer 2021.

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