Our way of giving back

While the world is struggling, and many people are questioning their journey, EuropeanLife is surrounded with the positive energy of entrepreneurs finding support with one another. We are all eager to fight this crisis with the help of government and support groups on various internet platforms.
We understand the problems facing so many, with Covid-19 killing economies worldwide.
For many years now, EuropeanLife has helped female entrepreneurs in the poorest parts of the world where they face a completely different set of problems:
Women who are not allowed to get a bank account because they are women.
Mothers who would like to start a business but have no money to feed their kids, let alone start a business.
Entrepreneurs living in poverty where the community takes their money instead of being able to invest in their business.
EuropeanLife has teams in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Lebanon and Jordan, and we value supporting those women in starting their own businesses and raising the next generation with the belief that life is good and that they can count on the help of other people but also with the knowledge that working hard is worth it to create a better life.
With the collaboration of local microcredit organizations, we can make that happen. The luxury industry will always exist and be enjoyed by many people on our continent. Wouldn’t it be nice to help our fellow entrepreneurs in poorer countries, just because we can?

With our foundation, EuropeanLife Microcredit, we help mothers in different countries start their own business and be financially independent.
This is our way of giving back to entrepreneurs, to women, to mothers and to the next generation.

With our partnerships with many events worldwide and our collaboration with groups such as the Professional Women Network we hope to connect, reach out and help.

Let’s collaborate and make that happen,

Bernadet Bijsterbosch