EuropeanLife Microcredit

EuropeanLife is doing well making beautiful magazines for events all over the world. We enjoy all these cooperations for the Special with events in different countries, but sometimes it’s the new opportunities that bring us fresh energy.

This year we are working on a Special for the African Millionaire Fair in Ghana. We are very excited to have this opportunity as we think that Africa is an upcoming continent of luxury; it is time they got to know EuropeanLife. So I am doing my research, reading about Ghana, and learning about luxury in Africa.  It is amazing what the land of Africa brings to the world in gold, diamonds, and the lifestyles of the super-rich. The African continent could have the world’s biggest gap in its citizens’ lifestyles, from the super-rich to the shockingly poor. It alarms me and confuses me at the same time.
It is hard to understand how there is so much of a difference in wealth in one country, though Ghana is not the only country to exhibit this.
In India, Brazil, Kenya, and Russia, we can see similar disparities in wealth. Seeing this other side of luxury does not make me feel good.


As you know, I am an ambassador of Microcredit for Mothers because I think the global society needs a new generation of educated young people to escape poverty and save the world.
For almost a year, I have worked on a new EuropeanLife product: EuropeanLife Microcredit.
I see Microcredit as our way of giving back. Even in my business plan several years ago, which I made before I started EuropeanLife, it was my mission to find a way to work in luxury while also finding a way to help female entrepreneurs in up-and-coming countries to start their own businesses, become independent, and help their children, their communities, and their countries escape poverty and become part of a better world.
With our work in Ghana, we will support our first project as EuropeanLife Microcredit, working together with a local organisation that shares our mission.
It feels really good to help young women while at the same time helping Africa show off all of their beautiful luxury products to the rest of the world.
I can’t wait to do more projects and show the world that luxury and Microcredit can be a great combination.

I will tell you more later in my blogs, but for now I’d like to proudly introduce our new EuropeanLife initiative:


Our way of giving back!
EuropeanLife works in different countries in Luxury events.
We see this as an opportunity to help mothers and female entrepreneurs to get an education, start their own business and become financial independent. These women will educate the next generation and we hope that we can help them to create opportunities for these children, families and the community to escape poverty. We work together with organizations of Microcredit all over the world.

By this blog I hope to share, to help, to reach out, I hope we meet soon!