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Tereza Urbankova is a PR, communications and marketing professional with over 18 years of experience working for global companies in the Czech Republic, the UK and now in Germany. Originally a linguist, with a Master’s Degree in English and Spanish, she has a passion for writing and regularly contributes to Thrive Global and Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine.

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Shelley Pittman is a food/wine/travel writer, she’s been featured on JPR Travel and Tourism, an International Travel Agency, Roy Stevenson, travel writer and writing coach and shares in-depth local attraction articles for the Mendocino Chamber of Commerce.
Her next collaboration is teaming up with ‘European Life, a Luxury Lifestyle Magazine.
Discover her hidden gems and points beyond, on her blog at

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Alima Website

Alima Melik has a Master Degree International Business of the Russian Presidential Academy. Her economic education and her affectionate of fashion, art and travel makes her an interesting blogger for EuropeanLife.
Combining styles from eastern and western cultures has her interest and she can help and inspire readers and give them a look in fashionable Moscow.

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Bella Sovmiz is a bi-lingual blogger, who is originally Russian and currently resides on the sunny island of Cyprus. She writes for a variety of online publications and is the creator, contributor and editor of ‘The other “F-word” blog, which brings fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty under one roof. An avid traveler, Bella loves to share all things entertainment and culture from her many urban city escapes.

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Jen website

Jen Morilla, also known as The Social Girl Traveler left her Executive Corporate position in New York City to travel the world and is doing it solo! She’s a 26 year old ‘go getter’ and has lived in three major countries, England, Spain and Brazil.
By now Jen has visited 25 countries and is still counting!
Follow her, as she heads to the other side of the globe to make new friends, explore new cultures, enjoy new food experiences and will tell you all about the most exciting sites.

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Gavin Darvell is a travel teacher and blogger who has over 10 years’ experience of teaching in the travel and tourism sector. Born in England he has travelled extensively and lived in Japan and the Czech Republic. He currently lives close to London. Having studied travel at university and worked in the industry, Gavin decided to spread his wings and created the blog Sketches in Travel which looks to inspire and galvanise its readers to visit new places and try out new activities. Gavin’s expertise is in travel, art education and creative writing.

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Kristina PoluyanovaHello dear readers!

My name is Kristina Poluyanova, born and raised in Moscow, Russia I’ve spent last five years studying and working in Barcelona & Madrid. I work in technology and I am passionate about writing & food. About a year ago I got inspired by a manager of a juice store who recognized me by my Instagram post. Since then I started developing myself as a blogger (or rather a foodie) and writing posts about bars, restaurants & food markets I’ve been to. I like the idea of sharing my experience and it’s only up to my readers whether to accept it or not!
Enjoy, Kristina Poluyanova

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Anastaisia website2

Anastasia Sirotenko is living in Saint-Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia and she will tell us about the world of Art and Culture. She studied at Saint-Petersburg State University with a specialization of journalism. As a journalist she is constantly on the top of the most exciting premieres and exhibitions. She will take our readers by the hand and show us the world.

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Naomi website

Naomi Louwerens
Naomi is a traveler, wanderer and explorer with a special love for authenticity, while keeping it chic.
As a fashion buyer and brand coordinator she has traveled the world for work and holidays the past 18 years and knows about the important sights and hotspots in Europe and beyond.
She loves to combine fashion with travel, luxury, but authenticity as well. She shares her tips, pictures and experiences for this unique form of traveling on her website and social media canals.
As an experienced explorer of more than 30 countries she also writes travel reviews for several sites

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Tatjana A

Tatjana Apukhtina is a model / tech-entrepreneur who has over 7 years experience in the fashion industry.
Born in Ukraine, she moved to Germany at the age of 10, where after finishing her “Abitur” she started to study International Business. At the same time she started to work as a model, building up her portfolio and establishing her mark in the industry. Eventually, her studies and her modelling career brought her to London and she immediately fell in love with the city.
Having graduated with a First Honours degree, she decided to stay and start her own business with a university friend.
Now Tatjana is a successful entrepreneur, running a fashion app called Looks Good On Me which allows people to get fast fashion feedback from people they trust.
Tatjana’s expertise is in Fashion, Art, Wearable Tech and Lifestyle.

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Ana Teodora is a university graduate and has a passion for fashion that has been there throughout her life. The love for fashion and writing, sharing with the world let to her own fashion and lifestyle blog where she shares “outfits, trends, thoughts and ideas”.
Her most active accounts? Instagram and Snapchat.

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Mona Moller

Mona Moller is moved by too many things. French movies, Spanish horses, sun rays through a gray cloud, the smell of home maid apple pie, a baby smile, people. Above all, people move me.
I am a Danish journalist living in Barcelona. Have done living in Amsterdam and London, and simply in love with this planet and all the different inhabitants of it.

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