We are ready for 2021!

It is the end of the year, and we are finishing our EuropeanLife projects and campaigns.

In the last few months, many companies had to close their offices due to Covid-19, and all those workers no longer had the chance to enjoy a Christmas party with their colleagues. It is so sad to think of them not seeing each other for a long time and missing the support and energy that teamwork provides.

Our EuropeanLife team was so lucky to be able to have Christmas dinner together and get that special team feeling to close the year. Here in Barcelona, the restaurants are still open. But even with all the Coronavirus rules, we realise how lucky we were to have this small get-together with our team. It is just not the same talking to a computer screen!

We are thankful that we could enjoy each other’s company, and we evaluated the year 2020. This has been a heartbreaking year for everybody. The world stopped turning, and people had to reinvent their goals, their dreams. Businesses were going down, and some events and brands ceased to exist. So many people became ill, and so many family members are missed.

The EuropeanLife team took the time to redesign our magazines, products and formats and even hired some new staff members.

We are all so happy that we could enjoy this journey together, and we can actually say that we are doing better than ever.

The new magazines, the new clients – it is all very exciting, but the most exciting journey we are going to take is that EuropeanLife is officially working on our own trade show.
It is a big project and a challenge close to our heart. We realise that we have a lot to do before this is going to happen.

A trade show called ‘EuropeanLife: Passion for Luxury’ – doesn’t that sound like an event that we all need after this sad time of corona? A source of new inspiration, a luxurious party.

Taking this journey together with our team already makes 2021 an exciting year. We like to see it as a year with new opportunities, new people to meet, new products to make and, above all, a new chance to enjoy working together with our partners and clients.

We hope you all will have the same feeling of excitement this Christmastime and that we are going to make 2021 a fresh new year together.

Thank you for working with us, following us and being part of the EuropeanLife community.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2021.

Bernadet Bijsterbosch