Visit my venue!

They say, “Times flies when you are having fun,” and that is exactly how I feel organizing our tradeshow these days.

At this moment, we are working on all facets of the trade show, such as sales, social media, suppliers, contracts, conditions, website, and partner search. It is a full-time job to get everything organized.

Admittedly, some of these activities, like figuring out the pricing, dealing with lawyers, and drafting official forms to use, are not as fun as the others. Others are just downright difficult, such as coming up with great designs, promotion, and sending the quotes to reach our public.

We realize that the choices we make in this phase of development of materials and design will be crucial not only for our format next year but also in the future. All team members are part of this project, and we feel that there is a baby to be born: our baby!

Today, we get to do something wonderful. We can finally visit the venue to check out everything and finalize some of our plans. We need to take this step to create a floor map, which would help us get a clear picture in our heads to guide us towards the final realization of this trade show.

You have to realize that going to visit a venue during the COVID-19 pandemic means stepping into a hall that has been empty for a year. Just thinking about it brings us sadness and despair as we struggle to bring to life the luxury industry into this very space—a place where we provide luxury lovers an experience that should make them happy. We also envision that same space as a place for investors and entrepreneurs to meet, find amazing business partners, and build incredible organizations.

Instead, what we found was an empty, dark, and cold hall. There were even some coffee cups lying on the floor, reminding us of a better time.

Entering the space, I actually felt overwhelmed. How can we transform this gloomy place into an amazing location to hold our wonderful event with a runway, investors’ plaza, designers, and brands?

We need to accomplish so much to organize and redesign the space to make it beautiful again.

Walking around with my new friend from Fira and seeing the previous events hosted in that place pre-pandemic, my entrepreneur’s heart started fluttering with excitement. Slowly, my sadness disappeared. The hard disc in my head started turning fast, and the picture in my heart became more vivid with colour as we continued to walk around the space.

Suddenly, I was envisioning a post-pandemic floor.

In my head, I saw the runway with the international fashion brands, investors’ clubs, presentation pitches, and all the stands with many beautiful luxury products filled with happy people, enjoying our show.

Our trip today was an incredible experience. Despite our initial sadness, I am now confident that we are going to be successful. This certainty fuels me with renewed energy to pursue our mission.
The next day, our trade show poster came back from our genius designer, Helena. Seeing this poster in the streets of Barcelona makes me so proud!

We are unbelievably forging our way towards success, and I am extraordinarily proud of our team! We are accomplishing amazing things!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch