The New Normal is here to stay!

It feels like a long time ago we did any recruiting for EuropeanLife, but this week, we are spending a lot of time recruiting for our international sales team. Talking to so many people with a story gives me a lot of energy. Our candidates have interesting backgrounds and inspiring ideas regarding what they can bring to EuropeanLife if we decide to work with them.
We are always aware of how many opportunities we have in the world of events and luxury. We are discussing new brands and promising new formats arise from these talks. However, in this time of recruiting, I also feel that many people like to work remotely from all over the world and enjoy the freedom of their job.  At the same time they still wanting to work traditionally by going to the office every day and getting paid by the hour and not for the result. The world is changing, and I think every industry, company and jobseeker should realise that they need to think outside the box to catch up with their competition.
The luxury industry and its events are suffering, and while the world after Covid-19 will never be the same, the industry is still looking to the same business models and work environments.
At EuropeanLife, we see ourselves as flexible partner for events, brands and entrepreneurial organisation, giving our clients the marketing services they now require.
With a strong social media team, an amazing production team and a modern management team, we are ready for a changing world.
We like to take our clients by the hand and bring them new formats to work with and new tools to use. Our interactive magazine is one good example of this, as it mixes the digital with the physical and is accessible to everybody, it is a strong marketing tool.  It is also a custom-made magazine for influencers, entrepreneurial groups and events, thereby meeting the needs of our clients.
It is time to adjust our attitudes and let go of old systems, ideas and careers. The new world is here to stay, and EuropeanLife is embracing it! We hope to find a new way of working together with our partners and our teams and keep making tools that help companies adjust with us.
Be part of our magazines, and we will find your new client!

The new issue of the regular magazine, Passion for Luxury, will be online at the beginning of October 2020, a sign that we are ready for the new season.
We hope to see all the events and brands we work with back in business, lets continue our journey.
Embrace the new normal, and you will be ready too!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch