New Tools for Digital Desire

After a period of lockdowns and mouth masks we are back on the job and working on the new magazines again.
We miss our media partners, our luxury brands and the luxury lovers who find us every day. The world seems to be damaged and tormented after this pandemic and we are waiting to get back to normal.
The Luxury industry is going through a difficult time, now we all work in a digital world with a big distance with our coworkers and clients.
For sales it is important to get close to your client. Customers are on a distance now, and it is hard to get in touch with them or make them emotional attached to your story or your luxury product. A luxury brand must create a desire through their story, their product and their design.

To inspire digitally you need to create sophisticated and catchy content to get your product in the heart of your client.
You need to tell them your story, show them your design and be close to them to realize any form of customer engagement. Emotion is a great tool for sales.

EuropeanLife realized two new magazines to make that happen;
An Interactive magazine where the brands get the opportunity to show a video on their page and the customer can see their product move in 3D or the CEO can tell his story by talking directly to his client.
A moving tool to bring the product closer to the customer and create that desire that the luxury need to sell.
We also started with City Shopping Guides to help the retail to get the local shopper and the shopping tourist back to the city.
We started with Barcelona, London and New York, where the tourist shoppers are very important for our luxury retail.

It is October and Christmas is around the corner. We hope all Luxury brands are still having a successful time with Christmas shopping.
We all are looking forward to 2021, which will be a better year and a new opportunity to get your customer, your event or your business on a higher level.

Let us help you to get your customer back in your store,

Bernadet Bijsterbosch