Events have to be cancelled in 2020 – a sad time!

Spring is coming, and normally this is the start of the event season for us. Spring is a wonderful time with the vibe of new energy hanging around our office. Usually this is a busy time with many brands passing by and events getting nervous that their article may not be published on time.

This year is different. This is the year that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking over cities and countries, and the economy is shaking big time.

The first events have been cancelled, and I understand that. You only want your event happening when it is in the best shape. Big brands cancelling on your event is not good.

It was a shock that the Mobile World Congress cancelled their 2020 event in Barcelona. Leading brands from Asia were not going to show up, and the event management had to make a very difficult decision.

Two weeks ago, we found out that Baselworld in Switzerland had to cancel their event too. This was a very sad day, and I cannot even imagine what the Baselworld team must feel. They worked very hard to get their event back in the spotlight after a few changes last year.

Coronavirus must be a huge financial challenge for brands and events, and we hope that summer will kill this virus very quickly!

In the meantime, we have expanded our organisation with a London office, and we have some great colleagues joining our team. I will visit the team on 31st March. I hope my plane will still take off and the hotel is still coronavirus-free. I cannot wait to sit with the team and brainstorm about great ideas and all the new events joining us every month!

Despite the sad coronavirus situation, we are keeping ourselves busy by promoting some great new partners. We are now official promotors of Pandora, a brand with excellent design and a tremendous system of jewellery for every mood and occasion in life. We also work with LXR & Co., an exceptional platform for buying your spring accessories for a fantastic price.

Check out the new fall/winter collection of Vivienne Westwood by the designer Andreas Kronthaler, who is actually her husband. Did you know that? Read the article on our website.

I hope you find your way to these wonderful brands. Get ready for a fantastic summer,  coronavirus-free, with all these new trend colours colouring our streets (I love orange), and get our world all happy again!

Join me on our way to a coronavirus-free summer!

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