EuropeanLife Tradeshow

It’s a cold Monday morning, grey and depressing, but at the same time, it’s a great new week for us.

While we’re dying for a live team meeting and waiting to have our first dinner of the year in a restaurant, we keep working together like normal. I’m surprised how normal it suddenly became to meet each other online and see everyone in their houses. I’ve also noticed that more companies suddenly have more time to talk about collaborations and new projects. Their previous issues with insufficient time or interest have suddenly disappeared. It seems to me that more and more companies are looking for new projects and new collaborations so that they can find opportunities to get their businesses on successful footings again.

And so tomorrow, we have a meeting with a team from a tourist office in Barcelona about our EuropeanLife Tradeshow. This is a great project scheduled for 2022, but there are still a lot of questions. Will events be back in 2022? Will the tourist industry recover in time to get them involved? Will banks invest in these kinds of events again?

EuropeanLife will not only organise this tradeshow but we like to make it a Luxury Week, a week of events during which a luxury experience is in every shop and hotel and on every street. Exclusive activities will overtake the city and provide visitors with peaceful luxury experiences. At the same time, it will be a possibility for retail, hotels and restaurants to join in this project and get back to a golden era of success when the city was overloaded with tourists and shops.

Last week, we got a small step closer when our designer finished our logo, which I proudly posted on Instagram. This week, our meeting with potential partners in Barcelona is another important step. We need the best partners to make EuropeanLife Tradeshow happen, and we also love working together as a team to realise a great event and moment of enormous success, and we can’t wait to once again feel the pride we so love as entrepreneurs. I believe this tradeshow will make this happen.

We’re ready for this great project!

To be continued!

Bernadet Bijsterbosch