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Dear readers, partners, network and friends,

Working with EuropeanLife Magazine makes it important to communicate with our readers and network all over the world. The best way to do this is to take you with me in a personal journey to write about Luxury, Lifestyle and Entrepreneurship.

I did not want to start a blog for a long time because I did not think anybody was interested,  but many people like to see more about EuropeanLife as a platform, our work, our travels, the luxury brands and events and they like to see more about me, as the owner.

Well I am not Arianna Huffington of Thrive Global, but working with EuropeanLife, travel the world and meeting all these great brands and events makes me want to be successful as an entrepreneur, an influencer and the CEO of EuropeanLife Media S.L

Now we all know that the world is changing fast and because I want to grow with it, I needed to make some changes in my company.  In the world of Media things are changing; advertising, the luxury markets, the products and the way we work as an entrepreneur is very different than when I started as a publisher.

For me, who still remembers a time without mobile phones, iPads, social media, tagging, blogging etc. there is a whole new world to discover and it is not an easy one.

So while I protested for a long time to start a blog, more and more people around me pushed me in the world of blogging and social media to share all the things we do, the things we learn and the great brands, events and people we come across.  I had to go back to school and met some amazing people who are helping me to do this the best way.

Now I am ready; it is springtime in Barcelona, I made some great new travel plans and got some great new cloths; dressed for success!

With EuropeanLife we always want to reach out to our target group, and I hope to get a great group of followers to our network so we can be the biggest network in Luxury, Lifestyle and Entrepreneurship.

So, I hope to connect; a great way to follow our work, get to know us, interact, and to invite you to be part of this fun journey.  Join us and follow me to be part of the best International Luxury Lifestyle & Entrepreneurship community.

Sign up and I hope to talk to you soon;