A brand is born!

It is a special time for all of us and we should enjoy this time more than ever. It is not only the end of the Covid-19 pandemic now vaccination is started, but it is finally getting Springtime after a depressing lockdown winter, and it is time to celebrate new energy given by nature.
I can smell the spring when I leave my house in the morning and I can feel the spring working in my garden later and doing lots of shopping to be ready for sunny weather.
Here at EuropeanLife we are busy with many projects and every new partner we work with brings something new to our magazines, our social media campaigns and our promotion video’s.
In this stage of the organization of the Tradeshow, we get everything ready for our sales activities of the Tradeshow starting in June 2021.
Our website will be rebuilt, more sales managers will be hired, and documents will be designed, It is a race against time.

Organizing a tradeshow is exciting and scary at the same time. We love the excitement of this new challenge and the warm enthusiasm we get from our followers but at the same time we have to deal with problems we have never dealt with before.
The venue, the catering, the stand builders, they all show us their amazing services and they do us realize how big this project is, it is scary.  But on the other side new people knock on our door, they like to help.
Because of the pandemic and the boring lockdowns many professionals offer us to help spontaneously, happy that they finally have a new project to do in the industry they love: events! Their help and advice are so very appreciated.

One of the most exciting things of the organization of my tradeshow is the design. You can give any magazine, tradeshow or event a name, but as soon as the name is written in design, it becomes a new brand. It immediately enhances the status of my correspondence when I put this logo on my documents.
I am so proud to show this logo to the world; a child is born!

This week I will get some very important response of some partners of the event which will make all the different in the world. Their name will help us a lot!

I will keep you posted and share with you my next step in this amazing journey!

Love Bernadet