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Augmented Reality – Interactive Magazine

Make your event magazine interactive online

EuropeanLife offers the opportunity to make your glossy event magazine’s articles and commercial advertising campaigns interactive on any smartphone or tablet. Creating an immersive Augmented Reality magazine gives companies, event organizations and brands the ability to stand out from the crowd and brings your magazine to life!

Augmented Reality magazine pages can give the reader a direct connection to your online content. You can add video commercials, product information, exhibitors’ guides and visitor information, or send the reader to your website.

EuropeanLife can provide you with statistics about the readers who use your Augmented Reality content. This can give you important inside information about your audience. It is a great way to bring your event to life and make a direct connection with your potential customers.



Augmented Reality – Interactive Floorplan
With your EuropeanLife magazine, you can print your floorplan in the middle of the magazine. With Augmented Reality, you can make more information directly available to visitors to your event—for example, information on your exhibitors, direct information about your website, information for the press or an exhibitors’ guide. You can give the floor plan a prominent place in your event and give your visitors the information directly on their phone or from scanning the map.

With our technology, we can provide your visitors with much more information and immersive content than can be printed on your map. And the best thing is, you don’t have to change anything on your floor plan! EuropeanLife will use your existing floor plan and turn it into an ‘Augmented Reality’ floor plan. The visitor uses a simple app on his/her smartphone or tablet to see all the added value appear.

Our interactive event magazine increases the professional look of your event enormously and will increase its international status as well. All exhibitors in the magazine can show their own digital content in this interactive way. It’s a great value for every exhibitor and seller. Our representatives would be pleased to personally explain the possibilities for your event magazine.

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