Opera Garnier

By Bella Sovmiz:

Why Opera Garnier just might be the most luxurious of the Parisian landmarks

Paris holds many titles: City of Lights, City of Romance and Fashion Capital of the World. It is synonymous with beauty, art and luxury. From its Fashion Week, to its world renowned ‘palace’ rated hotels, Paris is famous for its opulence and ability to cater to the most discerning of tastes.
My recent trip left me with a feeling that one particular landmark could just be the most exclusive of the Parisian addresses, and it is neither a museum, nor palace, strictly speaking.

Here is why Palais Garnier is the most luxurious location of the French capital.


The very creation of Palais Garnier arose out of the need for more exclusivity. The
construction started due to the request of the Emperor Napoleon III to have a more secure, individual access to his entertainment and the design of the building ensured that entire sprawling boulevards could be blocked in anticipation of the royal arrival.


The Paris Opera Garnier also simultaneously created an entirely new, personalized architectural style, favored by those that like finer things in life.

Upon witnessing the opulence of the Opera, the Empress was allegedly at a loss on how to classify its architecture. The style was unique and could not be attributed to any of the previous rulers of France that defined the French architecture. The response? “Why Ma’am, it’s Napoléon Trois”!

Not many men in history received such personalization, which was then made immortal.


Arguably, there aren’t many better known musical chef d’oeuvres than ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Andrew Lloyd Webber has the Palais Garnier to thank for the inspiration and setting of his musical masterpiece.

The similarities between Palais Garnier and the setting of Gaston Leroux’s original story run deep.

Palais Garnier consists largely of a labyrinth of corridors that make its impressive stage merely a fragment of its sheer size, ringing true to the storyline. What is even more impressive is the presence of an actual lake under the structure that acts as a weight ballast and resembling the setting of a key scene in the opera.


Another little known fact about the Palais Garnier is a host to urban apiculture.

A beehive atop of the building harvests a limited supply of exclusive honey, sold solely online by the Palais Garnier website with a price tag to match.

The honey is renowned for its strong floral aroma, seeing as the busy bees feast exclusively on trees and flowers of the nearby palatial gardens of the French capital.


Press tells us of weddings in French and Italian countryside palaces but what many people don’t know is that Paris offers a venue more exclusive. To this date, I have only heard of one such nuptial hosted in the Palais Garnier.

Numerous Italian castle weddings, made popular by Hollywood actors, seem plebeian in comparison.

So gather your closest friends and dance the night away under the crystal chandeliers of the Palais Garnier in an opulent celebration fit for kings.

Bella Sovmiz