Joseph Klibansky in London Mayfair

The hugely anticipated Joseph Klibansky’s ‘All I Ever Wanted Was Everything’ new solo exhibition is coming to London’s Mayfair.

After the recent and highly successful exhibition in LA, this solo show, which marks Klibansky’s first in London, will open at HOFA Gallery (The House of Fine Art) in Mayfair on Monday 6th May until Friday 31st May, 2019.  The exhibition then moves to Nammos Village in Mykonos for a summer term (1st July).

Joseph Klibansky: Leap of Faith, 2019.  Painted and polished bronze (60 cm) – Limited Edition of 20

Following Kilbanksy’s premiere exhibition at HOFA in Los Angeles last month, renowned art critic Peter Frank commented:

“Joseph Klibansky is making conceptual sculpture, not Pop sculpture per se, so he operates in a discourse closer to Hirst than to Koons, but directly related to neither. I see clearly what he is saying as an individual artist, and how he is saying it, and how he evolved to this point.”

Joseph Klibansky is an emerging artist based in Amsterdam. His work examines the relationship between a thing and its essence, between what we see and what an image implies. Using a process of figurative and abstract layering Klibanksy’s large-scale idealistic paintings explore perception by compressing time and space, resulting in something that at first appears joyous, often descending into bleak melancholy.

Using a visual vocabulary sourced from photographs and online material, Klibansky intercuts images, including iconic cartoons, and creates digital compositions which serve as the foundation for the series. He layers the photographs, enriched with acrylic paint, on archival cotton paper and overlays it all with a liquid resin.

Playing with the implication of what is seen versus what an image implies, Klibansky’s hyper-realized paintings and sculptures address phenomenology (the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view) and explores realms where both utopian and dystopian truths can co-exist.

Joseph Klibansky looks on at his work: Reflection of Youth, 2018

Alongside the paintings, HOFA will be exhibiting select pieces from Klibansky’s series of bronze sculptures. These playful figures aim to represent the juxtaposition between symbol and association. In Reflections of Truth II, Pinocchio is weighted down by an impossibly-large diamond carried on his shoulders. Made of shiny, polished bronze, the deceitful puppet can be found almost charming. Big Bang, a gigantic black gorilla head clad with a golden party hat and horn, is shown in sharp contrast with the animal’s sullen gaze. Made of glossed and polished bronze, this sculpture was realized with the aid of a 3D printer. Klibansky’s practice often allows technology and traditional artistic techniques to coexist.

Klibansky’s works serve as portraits of an alarming utopia that may not be what it appears. Nothing should be taken at face value in his works. In order to tell the truth, Klibansky takes advantage of a lie.

Joseph Klibansky: Leap of Faith positioned in front of Guided by Angels, 2017. Bronze powder gold paint canvas screen print in wood and aluminium frame (720 × 270 cm)

All I Ever Wanted Was Everything opens at HOFA Gallery, Mayfair on Monday 6th May, 2019. The exhibition is free to attend, private viewings can be booked for Thursday 9th May from 10am until 5pm, with the VIP reception starting at 6.30pm (invite only).

About Joseph Klibansky:

Joseph Klibansky (b. 1984 in Cape Town) is an emerging artist based in the Netherlands. Klibansky’s work examines the relationship between a thing and its essence, between what we see and what an image implies. He has exhibited at prestigious locations around the world including: Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti (Venice), National Museum de Fundatie of Zwolle (Netherlands), and The BVDS Gallery (Venice) in conjunction with the 57th Venice Art Biennale.

About The House of Fine Art (HOFA Gallery): 

In 2014 HOFA was founded in London by Elio D’Anna and Simonida Pavicevic, specialising in contemporary art, the gallery exclusively representing a portfolio of leading original works of art featuring a multitude of genres, including paintings, photography and sculptures, with a focus on unique, distinctive and rare artworks of appreciative value by internationally acclaimed artists (e.g. Zhuang Hong Yi, Marco Grassi, Ilhwa Kim and Camille Hannah). HOFA consists of four international art galleries in London’s Pall Mall and Mayfair, Nammos Village in Mykonos and in LA’s West Hollywood.

In 2018 HOFA was the first art gallery in the world to make their entire collection available in cryptocurrency, and continues to offer all of its portfolio through cryptocurrency payments.