Ferenc Flamm, Gothenburg Sweden

Swedish artist Ferenc Flamm has been selected by the international Art Habens Magazine for publishing his new series of paintings “The Stage Door Collection”.

The Art Habens art review online magazine (United Kingdom) aims to engage artists, curators and gallerists in conversation about the role of Art in contemporary society. Inspired by the worldwide art scene, the Magazine highlights that art is an essential element in our lives.

Artist Ferenc Flamm grew up in Budapest and from an early age fell in love with art, music and dance.
His interest continued to mature during his education at The Art College of Budapest and The Hungarian Academy of Fine Art. His work has been displayed in art galleries on the Broadway, in Soho and at the City Hall in New York, at the U.S.Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, at the Mall Galleries in London, also in Copenhagen, Stockholm and at the foyer of The Symphony Concert Hall in Gothenburg.

During the past years Ferenc has started to focus on his favorite themes; the performing arts, ballet and music. Recently, he created an artistic journey into the world of stage, particularly to portray the work in the rehearsal before the curtain rises and the performance begin.

“The Stage Door Collection” is a visual narrative about commitment, a conviction to developing talent and potential. The artist is working on to reach out the ballet lovers, looking for opportunities for exhibiting this new series at Art Galleries, Dance Theater or at a foyer of Opera House.

“One of the most impressive aspects of Flamm´s work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of creating a point of convergence between traditional heritage and contemporary visualization practice: we are very pleased to introduce our readers to his stimulating and multifaceted artistic production.”