Enjoy the difference!

We have a new product: the EuropeanLife Special. We offer events and big networks a tailor-made magazine.


We work together with our partners in different countries, and we realise that the possibilities for the Special are endless—sharing it through digital distribution channels, social media, giving it away as a print magazine or simply putting it on the website for many readers to enjoy.

Today, we are working on 3 different specials, and it is a joy to see all of these articles and images pass by.

Working in such an international way is very rewarding. Right now, we are making a jewellery special, an India special, a Middle East special and a Morocco special. To give all these specials the right audience and the right distribution channels, we have to be on the Internet. Each day, we are surprised by what kinds of groups we meet on the Internet. It’s wonderful to discover all these new marketing tools, bloggers, network groups, social media groups and all of the other possibilities to connect on the Internet. It’s amazing to see groups where the whole world can talk to each other, work together and make plans together. The world is getting smaller every day.

Today I am working with the Middle East special in Abu Dhabi, and tomorrow I will work in Morocco or India. The variety makes my work so much more interesting. It is a journey to different countries and different cultures.

Through my work, I have discovered that luxury is shown in many different ways. To get the right approach, every little detail is important. The colours of Morocco are different from the colours of India, The photography, the font type and the look and feel of the magazine are what make the magazine French, Spanish, Indian or Moroccan. This has been an eye-opener to me, a live lesson, because I realise how all of these details make the culture, make the human beings in the culture.

So, if we change these details, we will probably cut the culture out of the country and out of our magazines, and because I don’t want to do that, we focus on all of those colours, font types and images to give the magazine the cultural feel and the international heart it deserves.

When I travel to Morocco and I try to find the special touch that makes Morocco so typically Moroccan, I am drawn to the long clothes, the smell of herbs and the Moroccan music in the streets.

Such experiences make me wonder: If we change these people, will we also cut the culture out them? Will we lose our international heart if we let go of our culture? It makes me sad to think it might, because I love the different colours, smells, food, clothes and the covers of my magazines. We should respect these differences, embrace them.

I smile at my EuropeanLife Special. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy the different details of all these cultures. I hope others feel the same.


By this blog I hope to share, to help, to reach out, I hope we meet soon!