Bridget Riley’s retrospective exhibition, London

One of the latest trends in wedding design, is taking inspiration from major art exhibitions around the world to create imagery to inspire couples to come up with something unique on their wedding day. Couples tend to choose a more modern and contemporary look and  are orientated more towards the feel and ambiance of their day rather than given trends. They want something unique that conveys their interest and personality. So they look at Instagram and Pinterest to create mood boards and follow people they love.

The York Wedding Suppliers group capitalised on this trend and came together to create a wedding scene loosely based on the black and white artwork of artist Bridget Riley of the early 1960’s. A major retrospective of her work opens at the Hayward gallery on the 23rd of October in London.

Bridget Riley is an iconic British artist known worldwide for her “Op art ‘black and white paintings-using geometric forms to create optical effects- sometimes subtle and sometimes more disturbing.

Natalia Willmott, an art and antiques expert based in York put together the brief to create a chic wedding scene that is vibrant and fun – with lots of geometric patterns to arrest the eye but also an elegant simplicity.

Let’s now imagine a gorgeous couple called Bridget and Riley seated at a beautiful table dressed with an amazing candleholder with beautiful candles and roses. The tablecloth is spotty, stripped ribbons are tied around black napkins. The couple have sent out beautiful invitations. The bride wears a beautiful bridal satin gown with a lovely cowl back.

They have been sent love note cushions as wedding gifts in black and in white made with vintage ribbons- they can exchange love messages after their wedding using the pen and notebook provided.

The room is decorated with original black and white gouaches from the 1920’s.

After the wedding dinner, the bride changes into a geometric black and white dress, the music is turned on full volume and beautiful geometric patterns are projected onto the wall. It’s time to dance and have fun.

 It’s now 2 o’clock in the morning and the couple is seen leaving the scene with suitcase and hat in hand. They are off on their honeymoon and the bride photographed in movement pictures showing the joy fun and elegance of the evening.

Hope you have been inspired….

About York Wedding suppliers

York Wedding suppliers is a group 20 businesses (and growing) set up by photographer Nikki Bowling in 2012 in York to provide couples who are getting married with a fantastic and personal service on their big day. The businesses range from accessories, cakes, dresses, flower, favours, honeymoon services, photography, videography, stationary, venue styling and music. The businesses work together to provided a trusted and high quality service.

About Natalia Willmott

Natalia Willmott  is an art & antiques seller and a stylist. She is based in York, but hails from Paris. She is the founder of – an online collection of unique interior finds for unique people and more recently launched her brand My Billet Doux – “love note silk cushions” which a secret pocket to store  handwritten love notes.